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Sans and Streiffe

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$118.5 Reserve not met
Roanoke, IN - United States
04/14/2018 01:02PM
04/17/2018 01:02PM
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Up for auction is my nice little Sans and Streiffe model 600.  This scope has the Kenko (K) mark.  The images are very nice and sharp in it.  The overall condition, especially given its age, is very very good.  There are some scratches on the tube, but minimal.  The glass is problem free, but might be a little dirty. 

The mount is a little scratched here and there.  The metal piece to compress against the cw rod is missing, but the thumbscrew is there.  Mount is nice overall. 

The tripod legs are in good condition.  One has a small split in the very bottom where the spike slides in.  It does not affect the use, but I want you aware.  I replaced one of the protective strips of metal for the thumb-screw that compresses against the sliding leg with a non-original piece.  The original was gone long before I received this scope. 

The porro, some eyepieces, diagonal, solar projection, the multi-fold manual, and most of the other, if not ALL accessories are present.  I personally do not know for sure what all it came with originally.  Otherwise I would say it is all there.  I believe all of the spots in the box are filled. 

Regarding the box or cabinet, it is structurally very sound.  The interior dividers are loose in some spots, and it is possible that some of the wooden ware is missing, but if it is, I do not see where it goes.  Most of it looks very good.  To clarify, though, some of the dividers need re-glued. 

While I purchased this with the intention of bringing it back to perfection, it is in such decent shape that I got sidetracked just using it as is.  I did not use the original mount, typically, but would just put the scope on a grab-n-go mount to use.  It could benefit from the nick-nack stuff being done, but it really is a nice little kit.  The optical performance, in my opinion is outstanding.  The (K) work is well-regarded and rightly so.  The finder scope seems to have issues getting zeroed, but it might be my noobness. 

This one is a beautiful little scope for display and/or some serious grab-n-go observing.  Feel free to ask for specific detailed pictures or for more details.  I am happy to oblige. 

Buyer pays shipping from 46783 on a 40x12x14 and 38# package.  These numbers are approximate, but buyer pays actual shipping and cost will be adjusted accordingly.  Thanks!

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