Baader Hyperion 2.25X Zoom Barlow (New in box)

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Baader 2.25X Hyperion Zoom Barlow (New in Box)

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  • Baader Planetarium 2.25X Triplet Hyperion Zoom Barlow with T-Adapter is presented in a 1.25" barrel format and allows for a clear aperture of 13.2 mm


  • Included with the 2.25X Triplet Hyperion Zoom Barlow is a T-adapter to mate with an optional camera T-Ring to create a 2.25X photo projection lens


  • Also included with the 2.25X Triplet Hyperion is an adapter to accept a Baader Hyperion Zoom eyepiece or other eyepieces with standard 1.25" threads


  • The Triplet Hyperion Zoom Barlow has a high quality design, corrected for aberrations, coma, and astigmatism


  • In order to change the levels of magnification on the 2.25X Triplet Hyperion Barlow you can use optional 1.25" T-Thread spacers


The included T-2 adapter allows coupling to any of the 1.25" eyepiece holder or can be directly linked to a 1.25" eyepieces threads with other included adapters. Basically, any eyepiece designed with a 1.25" thread can be used, allowing a wide variety of configurations to suit your needs when using the Triplet Hyperion Zoom Barlow. When using the Barlow as a photo projection lens, use a T-Ring which connects to the T-Adapter.

Baader Planetarium 2.25X Triplet Hyperion Zoom Barlow Features:

  • Enables dual 2" / 1.25" Barrel configuration with all Baader Hyperion clickstop Zooms


  • Threaded for standard 1.25" filters


  • Optically matched for perfect optical performance with Hyperion 8-24 mm Clickstop Zoom


  • Anastigmatic flat field design


  • Modular Design


  • Air-spaced triplet lens


  • Fully internally blackened and baffled to eliminate stray light reflections
Great accessory for the Baader Hyperion 8-24 Clickstop Zoom Eyepiece  and is sometimes sold as a kit.