Engineer Directional Compass circa 1982

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Andy Sedlacek
07/20/2021 07:58PM
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This here is a lovely, USA-made lensatic compass by Engineer. The product's complete name is "Engineer Directional Compass".

Made to a very high quality standard and made of real brass and aluminum. The optical window for viewing the compass is glass, not plexiglass; and so this is a durable, will-not-age-fast compass design.

These compasses are uniquely sensitive to any directional movement. I always hold the Brunton magnetic compasses in high regards as a fantastic base compass. These Engineer ones are a class above even those.

Lensatic compasses are nifty as the round "reading lens" allows you to properly orientate line-of-sight and then reference it to a topographic map. These are essential learning tools in your orientation high school class (highly doubt they teach this anymore!), in Boy Scouts, and of course, in the army.

Cosmetics are very excellent all around. NO malfunctioning parts. No optical issues. No cracks or chips in the glass and no deterioration of the brass or aluminum pieces. These are expensive units and I've seen newer ones with plexiglass windows going for $80+ new at hunting stores. And I doubt those ones still use brass parts.

All nations welcome to bid.