Edmund Scientific Mag 6 Star Atlas 1982

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I have to say that as a teen growing steadily fast and deep into astronomy, ANY BOOK with Terence Dickinson's name on it got my top priority to have on my bedroom bookshelf. I consider him to be one of the very finest ever authors of field guide-style astronomy writes.

And with this Mag 6 Star Atlas, you see why I speak so highly of him.

This large, 66-page softbound is one of Edmund's largest prints. Not by number of prints issued out, I mean the size of it. The C90 seen in the photo (not included) gives you an idea that this is a full-sized atlas book.
Unlike the early generation ES books, which were quite frankly chock-full of large fonts, numerous drawings, cartoony illustrations, and side-listed bullet facts, this book here is far more organized with smaller print, equal words-to-images ratio, and no cartoons all over the place. NOT that those books by Edmund should be bypassed; they are fantastic books for the newcomer.
Rather this atlas work here is squarely aimed at the ready who has gone passed beginner and is now familiar with their telescope and ready for some serious observing studies.

Includes excellent-depicted star maps with proper-orientated description and classification breakdowns on the side. One of the coolest parts of this book for me is actually found on page 12 where it shows the different telescope types for astronomy. I NEVER knew Edmund Scientific made a Unitron-like 60mm refractor or a 6-inch schmidt cassegrain! 
And look at that 8-inch on the fork mount; THAT is a mighty rare telescope right there. (So fun to look back on the times).

This book has been enjoyed and used, and therefore does exhibit signs of being a portable library in the field. Many pages have highlighting and inked underlining. On page 35 there is some written notes and a taped-on print out page from S&T of sidereal time tables (circa 1984). This could be removed as the tape is peeling, but has dyed the white of the paper. Not a big problem though since page 35 is a title page with no other information (practically blank originally).
The good thing here is no pages are missing and none are taped or stapled back together. It is just a fine, used book.

All pages are intact and easily fully legible. Most are crisp and straight. No bad stains or mold to be found. Though a softbound, NONE of the book has been folded or grossly creased or rolled-up. Spine is holding very well and is not loose.
Outer covers are in great, but not excellent, condition.

Still has the original bookseller's price tag of $16.95 from way back when.

All nations welcome to bid.