Encyclopedia of Astronomy 1st edition hardback 2004

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This marvelous 472-page hardback by Paul Murdin and Margaret Penston cuts to the chase in this very thorough astronomical reference. You turn to any page....Oh, I don't know, say 147, and you see the word "Europa Orbiter". Interesting, it says this probe's projected mission was for 2008 (four years after this book was printed) and that it was to measure ice thickness and to search for an underlying liquid ocean. Of course it was cancelled in 2002 (2 years before the book's release) after a 3 year research leading up to that decision.

Flip over to page 186 and I see "Halo Population"; the stars located in the galactic halos of spiral galaxies, like our own, that are not only the oldest stars within the galaxy, but also the most metal-poor. Did you know that?

How about "Pallas" on page 317? Says here it completes rotation every 7.81hrs and has an albedo of 0.16 (equivalent to a leafy forest).

And there are not just primary words, phrases, or names to look up like what I mentioned above; it also has these neat inserts (some a few pages long) about observing programs, the discovery and history of novae, and discovering comets....to name a few. All of this with an easy flow of information and with some really nice photo visuals.

I like encyclopedias such as this one because they cover more information than the mere definition of the word, yet they do not delve an entire book-deep into that word as the main focus of the write. I guess you could say you could look up a term or a name you heard someone say or write in an earlier engagement, turn to the pages of this large block of knowledge, find the immediate answer you were searching for, and then pursue that question even further with advanced research found in a more dedicated publishing. It really is quite fun to just sit down on a foggy night with the telescope covered and refresh your astronomy smarts with this book.

Weighs exactly 4 pounds 15 ounces.

The cover is in excellent condition and fully intact and glossy clean. Not 100% perfect, but definitely handled with proper treatment. The spine is perfect. The hard cover is 95% out of 100 perfect. Inner pages are minty fresh and free of smells, mold, notes, rips, folds, or tape. 

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