Exploring the Night Sky With Binoculars 1983

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I was drawn to this book for (2) reasons; it is small and simple, and it was a reconnection to my past. I remembered borrowing this book for an evening from Al George's Sky Shoppe at PGO back in the early '90s and found it super fun to use in tangent with my Jason 7x50 binoculars (my grandpa's). When I found it at a yard sale earlier this year, it was the first time I had read it in 28 years.

David Chandler's petite 47-pager (softbound) is a beginner's approach to, well, binocular stargazing. It does not go deep into astrophysics, does not lead deep into cosmology, nor is it bombarding the reader with wavelength equations, essays by great astronomers of the antiquity, or have advanced, convoluted star atlases going down to the 15th magnitude. It goes right to the point of grab whatever binoculars you can get a hold of (oh I hope they are at least fully coated Bk7s, BAK-4 if you're LUCKY), take this booklet with you while wearing some warm clothes, and that chain of stars over there is "Orion's Belt". 

It got me started into my lifelong obsession of everything stars and telescopes that I do to this day. Maybe you know someone in your family or friends lineup that could use this as their ticket to going further with knowing the heavens....Or, like me, you are simply wanting to reconnect with one of those books that started it all and you are due for a nostalgic revisit.

Cosmetics are very excellent and glossy clean. Almost mint, almost. Spine is perfect. Inside pages are minty crisp clean. This is a beginner's softbound book that dodged note taking AND being folded and tossed around.

All nations welcome to bid.