The Practical Astronomer circa 1990 almost like new crisp clean

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The Practical Astronomer is one of the very first books I ever got deep into, which lead to my insatiable desire to own and play with as many telescopes as possible. 

The first time I started reading Brian Jones' guide was back in 1991. It was the only astronomy book my grandpa had in his study and since I stayed at my grandparent's house many, many times on Saturday nights (they were pastors of Elk Plain Community Church), I often would visit this book. By 1992, when I "graduated" into middle school, my grandpa gave me this book (a newer copy from Walden Books) as a good-job-gift. 

Well, I read the beans out of it until the pages started to fall out. I took it outside quite a bit when toying with my homemade Edmund 6 f/8 dobsonian and Jason 348. It taught me more than enough in many things astronomy from figuring out magnification, limiting magnitudes, star classes, using setting circles, what to look for when observing the planets, and some history too. I still have that very in my own study. But since I chanced across a like new copy, I figured it needs to be shared with the community.

This glossy, 160-page softbound gets my top vote for an excellently approached guide to your typical backyard astronomy knowledge. It is not a massive encyclopedia that weighs a ton, nor is it a child's book that covers too little and is too simplistic. Rather it has a steady flow of information backed by clean, easy-to-reference images and figures making for a fun intermediate approach to enhancing your understanding of all that wonder above your head. And I would say this would be great for anyone over the age of 15.

Cosmetics on the outside covers are very excellent almost mint. So close! All inside pages are mint crisp clean. No notes, no tape, no stains, no folds, rips, or mold. This has been out of production for about 16 years now and this is a preserved-condition copy.

All nations welcome to bid.