TEC 8"F15.5 Maksutov-Cassegrain

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Machesney Park, IL - US
Marjorie Christen
09/17/2022 08:25PM
09/24/2022 08:34PM
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Superb hand corrected TEC 8" F15.5 Maksutov-Cassegrain, with low-expansion quartz optics. The ultimate mid-sized lunar/planetary and double-star optical system. The design is coma-free over a 50mm field and can be used with wide field 2" oculars, 62x with a 50mm eyepiece, up to 620x (and more) with a 5mm eyepiece. The optics on this scope are super smooth and very accurate. The quartz primary allows this scope to settle quickly in dropping temperatures.

 At high power, you will see a clean, crisp Airy disc with one diffraction ring and a hint of a second ring. Close doubles are easy with this scope, and planet details are shown in high contrast under good seeing conditions. You will think you are looking thru a premium 8" refractor. Focus is achieved with a special ruby-tipped micrometer on a center-point sliding mirror tube. Imperceptible image shift even at very high powers. In good seeing, there is no ambiguity at the exact focus point where the image becomes razor sharp.

 Multi-coated optics insure high-contrast images. Internal baffles prevent stray light from nearby bright objects from reaching the focus point. Internal mixing fan behind the mirror allows fast cool-down of the primary mirror. Images are sharp and contrasty within minutes even on cool nights. 

 This scope is collimated and in excellent condition.


Clear aperture:  202mm, 8"

Secondary obstruction:  54.6mm, 2.15", 27% by diameter, 7.3% by area

Focal length:  3100mm, 122", F15.5 focal ratio

Tube weight:   9.94 kg, 21.9 lb

Tube dimension:   254mm x 737mm, 10" x 29"

Multi-coated optics on corrector, primary and secondary mirrors

Quartz primary and secondary mirrors

 Scope includes:

Internal cooling fan (requires 9-volt battery power)

Captain's wheel for ease in handling

Provision for 2 sets of finder brackets

Matching pair of mounting rings

Scope is shipped in well-padded shipping boxes

 Marjorie Christen, Astro-Physics