Roger Ceragioli 6" f/6 Lurie Houghton Optical Set

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This set of Lurie-Houghton optics was made by Roger Ceragioli, an award-winning optician who won an award for it at RTMC 2003. It is a 6", right around f/6 with a spherical primary and a 2-element corrector lens at the front - essentially a catadioptric Newtonian.

Roger has made a few very nice amateur scopes over the years as well as working at the Steward Mirror Lab in Arizona. He sold the scope to Lurie's son and daughter-in-law and eventually the scope changed hands one or two more times before making it to me. Unfortunately, along the way the OTA was warped severely out-of-round (problematic for the corrector lens and collimating it) and the inside of it was coated with what is essentially stucco which constantly flakes onto the optics. I do have the tube for anyone interested in the possible historic value of it, but it is worth less than the cost of shipping and is probably next-to-impossible to get round again, and the scope does not work in that configuration, so this listing is just for the optics. I have the spacing info, so constructing a new scope is a matter of obtaining a tube and focuser and drilling holes etc.

The corrector lens, corrector cell, and secondary are in fantastic shape. The primary coating is a little cloudy and as such it could use a recoat - it is also glued to a well-made 9-point mirror cell. I do not have a test report for these optics, but I can 100% certify that they were made by Ceragioli. I have a full binder of emails and information exchanged between Ceragioli and Holly Lurie. Given that I got a great deal on these as well as the fact that I am unsure what they are worth I have elected to auction them off to the highest bidder and I plan on donating a portion of whatever these sell for to multiple nearby astronomy clubs including the one I got this scope from. The documentation I received with the scope is also included.

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