GOTO 80mm F/12.5 semi-apochromat

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Robert Ficara
10/26/2019 03:05PM
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Rare collectable and stunning performing 80mm f/12.5 semi-apo GOTO refractor. Pretty certain this is from the mid 80's. 
GOTO offered a number of 80mm refracters at this time.
80mm f/15 achromat, 80mm f/12.5 semi apo, 80mm f/12.5 and f/15 standard triplet, 80mm f/15 fluorite doublet and a 80mm fluorite triplet. 
The 80mm achromat and semi apo's where by far the most commen. 

I purchased this telescope over 20 years ago from Gary Hand.  Over the years this has been my most enjoyable telescope for viewing  double stars. The image scale is just right in my opinion. Star images are hard discs. Split Antares a number of years ago during excellent seeing which in my opinion is remarkable for a 80mm telescope .  
This is not a apochromat so there is color.  I'd say a little less than a f/16 achromat but it's the correction that makes it special. 

The build of this scope has the feel of a 4" refractor. If youhave  it next to a 3" Unitron you will get my point. In very good used condition. I don't think the lens has ever been touch. There is some dust and dew spots, pretty much the same as when I aquired it. I would not clean it. 
Tube without dents/dings but there are paint scratches. Smooth, adjustable long rack focuser. 
The exceptional 30mm finder has roughly  a 6 degree field but is missing X-hairs.
I do have a nice Borg 1.25" eyepiece adapter for it which which I will include. Original 0.965" adapter included.