LOMO - Stellarvue SV4 102mm f/6.4 "superapochromatic" triplet

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Greg Nowell
03/09/2019 08:54PM
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This is a used SV4 f/6.4 102mm Stellarvue triplet apochromatic telescope made by the Russian LOMO company for Stellarvue.  It includes original storage box (pictured) plus rings.  The rings are not CNC they are OEM painted, hinged aluminum Stellarvue rings.  

The optics are excellent.  No sleeks, some dust on interior side which it is not worth removing cell to clean.   If your dream is a great visual use apo, this could be a good choice. Widefield views are dazzling and a 3.5XW will get you up to about 185x which is pretty good.  Nice double star performance for the aperture.   I haven't used the scope a great deal for solo viewing because I own a 130 mm apo which usually gets picked first.

Feathertouch dual speed focuser.   The interior diameter of the drawtube is 2 1/4 inches.  I do not binoview or do photography so I am not in a position to help with in-focus, out focus, binoviewing,  and so on.  I have read the scope is not bino-friendly "as sold." 

Sale includes Farpoint dessicant cap.  Sale includes  OEM storage and travel box (pictured).  

Reason for selling:  I bought this to use on top of my C14, but with dovetail and eyepieces and rings it is too heavy to be practical for my mounting hardware.  I have been using an ED doublet instead.  I have had this scope for a number of years (ten or more?) but actually forgot that I owned it. 

Rarity and reputation:  There were, judging from what I see, about 30 or 40 of these scopes made.  Some people think they are top of the line optics.  In any event Russian optics are not seen so often these days.  In the astro biz, limited runs of telescopes happen fairly often, so many scopes qualify as "rare."  (Hence my view, that "rare scopes are common.")  Don't go overboard in your bidding.  My personal view is that the build quality and optics of this scope exceed the mainland scopes and in some way exceeds Tak, of whose focusers I'm not personally fond.  But Tak builds a lighter scope.   I have seen $1600 to $2000 in Astromart archives and I think that's about right.  This scope was built to last.

Cosmetics:  I am not original owner.  This scope has seen its share of use.  If you want new-in-box please do not bid.  I didn't use it a lot but it is a used scope.  Think of it like a car that looks really great to most people but when you yourself get your nose five inches from the surface to wax it you find flaws in your paint job that only you will see.  In two of the pictures you see my fingers.  Each finger is pointing to what I consider one of the more conspicuous cosmetic flaws.  The others defy imaging with a phone.   There is some wear on metal lens cap.  It is extremely difficult to photograph these imperfections.  Some years ago I sharpied a few of the small flaked spots on the black rings.  

Performance:  It's a great apochromatic scope.   It seems to haver an edge over my Vixen ED102ss f/6.5.  For whatever reason this edge is more easily seen in daytime terrestrial viewing than by night, perhaps because depth perception is more criticial to daytime viewing.  My C14 is manageable-by-me-alone with the Vixen but becomes a two person job with this scope.  It weighs about 15 lbs with rings, dove tail,  diagonal eyepiece, etc.  Bathroom scale weight with rings only, just dustcap, dessicant cap, and no other accessories, is 12 lbs (5.5 kilos).

Finder: No finder is included, and it looks like a finder will have to go on the rings.  I don't see a space for it.  I've never used it with a finder.   It gets 4.3 degrees with a Pan 41 or XW 40 so you almost don't need one. 
Dovetail:  No dovetail is included (rings only).   

Shipping:  Con USA insured shipping add $120 to payment.  I will refund any overpayment for actual insured shipping cost.  I will cover anything over $120.  I expect you'll get some money back but can't guarantee it because I have been hammered on some shipping lately.
NEAF:  Can deliver to NEAF (Saturday April 6th)  
Paypal preferred, whether shipped or delivered to NEAF.  The paypal cost is shared:  Please divide auction price + shipping by .985.  Example:  $500/.985=507.60  I don't think buyer or seller should be carrying a lot of cash to NEAF.  NEAF buyer please pay three days in advance (Wednesday April 3rd.)    

Auction:  When I run auctions, which is not often, I do not disclose reserve price.  If reserve is not met I may offer scope to highest bidder.