Lunt LS50 Double Stacked with Mount/Tripod

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Sherwood Lagergren
06/13/2022 12:45AM
06/27/2022 12:51AM
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I purchased this telescope to be able to do solar astronomy outreach in El Salvador, so I bought a lightweight mount and modified the foam in the telescope case so I could fit the tripod into checked baggage, easily carry everything in two hands, and set up in less than 5 minutes. I usually carry the tripod/head/weight in one hand and the telescope case in the other. The case foam has cutouts for the tripod tray, the slow-motion handles, all of the screws, and all of the tools needed to completely disassemble everything. It is a very portable setup that I spent far too much time engineering. The optics are still in just as good condition as when I bought the telescope in 2019, as they don't see much use between my occasional trips to El Salvador. Although the image in this scope is not as bright and detailed as that in my LS80, it is far cheaper to double stack, and has resulted in much personal enjoyment and much amazement in Salvadoran kids who never knew the sun is so full of detail. I have now owned 4 Lunt telescopes and am very happy with their products. This one is going to make room in my apartment (and pocketbook) for a larger outreach solar telescope.

I had to slightly modify the EQ-1 mount to replace a plastic piece in the mount that wore out and led to significant slop. It has been replaced by a metal piece and I have not had issues since. If you buy a new EQ-1 mount you will probably have to make the same adjustment. The biggest downside to the mount is that it currently only attaches with a single 1/4-20 screw, which has to be cranked down pretty hard to prevent slipping. But the mount certainly has gotten me through many hours of observing and several trips. I have used the SolarQuest mount for outreach - that mount is much more convenient, but much more expensive and the user does not get to feel like they are "driving" the telescope. I also keep the Vixen dovetail plate in the case so the scope can be easily attached to bigger mounts.

I hope the next user finds and shares as much enjoyment as I have. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding details of this scope or how it compares to the LS80 (single stack) I have.

Current price of included gear (new):
$885 Lunt 50mm OTA with pressure tuned etalon
$395 Lunt B600 blocking filter
$89 Lunt 1.25" helical focuser
$935 Lunt LS50C front-mounted double stack etalon
$40 Tele Vue Sol-Searcher
$220 Lunt zoom eyepiece
$40 Lunt 4" dovetail bar
$89 Lunt aluminum case and custom-fitted foam
$120 Orion EQ-1 equatorial mount

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