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AP Stowaway

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Daniel Schwind
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19 Bids [View History]
Nampa, ID - United States
12/04/2019 05:02AM
12/09/2019 05:11AM
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 Offered is a new Stowaway, of which I took delivery  of September 19th of this year.
 No accessories were purchased additionally, except for 3 conical recessed screws for the dove loc. 
 I've  only had the opportunity to view a few times with the scope, and on one of those nights, the seeing was good, and the Stowaway showed itself excellent, as did the FT focuser.
 Included in the sale is the scope, dust covers, rings/dovetail, and Pelican case.
 I arrived at the $3900 reserve/starting price by way of the initial cost of the scope, and with me covering PayPal fees and shipping fees in the lower 48.
 Any questions, please ask.
Regards, Ed
Time Placed User Bid Amount
12/09/2019 05:05AM Daniel Schwind $5512.50
12/09/2019 05:04AM Rich Caruana $5250.00
12/09/2019 05:01AM Daniel Schwind $5000.00 [ Auto Bid]
12/09/2019 05:01AM Rich Caruana $4936.05
12/08/2019 04:25PM Daniel Schwind $4701.00
12/08/2019 02:52AM Gerald Dunn $4651.00
12/08/2019 01:50AM KYUNGHWAN KIM $4600.00
12/07/2019 05:15PM Gerald Dunn $4550.00
12/07/2019 03:45PM William Long $4451.00 [ Auto Bid]
12/07/2019 03:45PM Gerald Dunn $4401.00
12/07/2019 02:02PM William Long $4350.00 [ Auto Bid]
12/07/2019 02:02PM Gerald Dunn $4300.00
12/07/2019 04:54AM William Long $4250.00
12/07/2019 04:54AM Gerald Dunn $4200.00 [ Auto Bid]
12/07/2019 04:54AM William Long $4150.00
12/07/2019 04:48AM Gerald Dunn $4100.00 [ Auto Bid]
12/07/2019 04:48AM Thomas Fischer $4050.00
12/04/2019 11:47AM Gerald Dunn $4000.00
12/04/2019 05:43AM William Long $3950.00