Telescope with Zeiss AS200 F15 objective

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yuri petrunin
10/03/2022 05:06AM
10/09/2022 10:06PM
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OTA with Astronomical objective AS200 F15, F=3000. It is an achromat, RC index 5. The original test report stands for 98.58 Strehl, RMS 14nm at 632.8nm (red laser), this report was confirmed at TEC shop.
The objective was made by Carl Zeiss Jena in 1993, serial number 96947. Near pristine condition. Original wooden box included.
The original test report stands for 98.58 Strehl, RMS 14nm at 632.8nm (red laser).
The OTA is 125" long, weights 55Lb. It could be disassembled in two parts 58" and 67" long for shipping, Assembling back takes 10รท15 minutes, the collimation stays firm.
The OTA comes with Starlight FT3545 focuser (TEC version), front cover, TEC tube rings.
The back focus distance is 300mm. An extension tube (3.6" by Astro-Physics) might be needed for a straight through viewing.
Please note:
1. The objective alone was offered here on Astromart in the beginning of October 2022 (#15868), it was not sold and it took some time to make an OTA for it.
2. This telescope is not a "grab-and-go" type, it will ask for a large mount, a sample of mount is shown on the last 3 images.
3. Please be aware that the long OTA of given size will be a center of any astronomical event (starparty).