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GOTO Kogaku 60mm refractor - set in 1960's manufacture !!

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I think  maybe such Japanese GOTO Classic Telescope in great conditions will never appear again,,,,   So if there are anyone who is 

interested in Japanese Classic Telescope like GOTO , by all means please examine it.  Maybe, ( especially  Mount), the buyer will be

very surprised with it's beauty and structure..... Please do not miss this chance.  All used Telescopes are the only 1 existence.

It is same for me.  I am sure that this old GOTO Telescope will give something ( I can't say , explain exactly). I feel that this GOTO old Telescope has

something which can impress the next owner by something this GOTO old Telescope has!  



D=60mm, FL= (1000mm, F=16.6,* estimate )   * Added how to make adjustment of collimation using laser collimator  ----> Picture

I was very surprised to watch test star after my all maintenance for exhibition on the Astromart !

What I saw in the view fileld was the beautiful ,very beautiful star ( image of Spica)  in the view field of this GOTO kogaku 60mm

Telescope!!   Because, this old Telescope is in 1960's one.  So, about 50 years or more ago 1965 year model,I guess.

In fact, I didn't expect such beautiful vanity taste to this GOTO's old scope....................

Why?  Easy. this Telescope is achromart and diameter is only 60mm. ( *Of course, I understand that combination small diamter and long focal length

can create excellnt vanity taste especially in chromatic is ' nevertheless....)  

Normally, everyone will not be able to expect such thing that this small and old Telesscope has such  excellent performance........

I think < This is why ' Telescope is interesting! ' >


When I say in 1960s, in Japan, there were only 2 Telescope makers which can make proper Telescope ....

Needless to say, it is ; NIKON ( Nippon-kogaku) and GOTO kogaku (kenkyujyo).

When I got this old GOTO 60mm Telescope, I was impressed at Mount.  This Mount is very heavy. ( it seems to be casting of iron)

The structure is great ....( GOTO kogaku seemed to design as really genuin one .) As hand -operated equatorial telescope , there are no

fault . Perfect.               < as seen pictures, this mount is possible as theodolite..>


However, I didn't expect such excellent vanity taste , I expected more old vanity taste from this GOTO 60mm scope.

Objective lens is separated type doublet achromart lens (* it seems to be in single coating). of course they are from

optical glass.  The structure of lens cell is orthodox type.  As eyepieces MH-25m , MH-12.5mm, MH-6mm.

This Telescope's exact focal length is unknown. ( I guess it ;FL=1000mm ).  So when I use MH-6mm for this scope,

the magnification  is 166X.  Normally, to 60mm scope, 166X will be too high magnification,I thought.....

However, when I watched Jupiter and Saturn, this high magnification ( 166X) was very good. ( good image ).

From this GOTO 60mm scope , I could see the dark section on Saturn's (north pole) clearly,but  ( by chance, at same night,

I was testing 100mm F6 reflector in about 30 years ago model) and by the 100mm F6 reflector, I couldn't see the dark section ......

Of course, it is not normal thing to compare 2 much different scope, I understand it....


Also, the focuser condition is very smooth.  I know some GOTO kogaku 's OTAs,but such good feeling I never know.

I think that this GOTO kogaku 60mm small refractor's feeling is very good.

If I give a difficult point, it will be ( Collimation is easy to be out of order...). About this, but NO-Problem.

I tested various way, and found ( using Laser collimator is BEST.)  So I will add Laser collimator which I used for accesories.

About adjustment of collimation, if the buyer use this laser collimator, within 3 minutes possible to nice collimation.

I could watch ( Di fraction ring and airy disc) under nice seeing moment. ( Spica)  This will be the evidence this 60mm Telescope is fine.

I  can recommend this scope to Telescope collectors in the world who wants not only it's rareness but also excellent optics .      


Conditions;    * There are no broken parts in everything about this Telescope!!   

1, OTA; objeective lens ; Clear. there are  no damge on optics lens, no-fogged,no-mold.   Good

            ;OTA  Surface;  very beautiful.  ( there are no marks from touch-up painted)

2, Focuser;  moving feeling is very good.  Comfortable.  

3, Mount;    Very good. No problemmss.  All function is good.  There are no big damaged part and original status.

4, wooden tripod;   When I think it's generation, I think very good.

5, Eyepieces;   MH-6mm,MH-12.5mm, MH-25mm all fine. Like New.

6, .965 Diagonal;  good

7, all caps included (except the eye-cap of finderscope)

8, wooden BOX ( GOTO original) ; good,but a few scratches exist.



1, GOTO kogaku 60mm OTA with 6X18 finderscope ( S/N; 452034 )

2, Mount ; ( S/N; M452062 )

3, Eyepieces X3 ( MH-6mm, MH-12.5mm, MH-25mm )

4, GOTO kogaku Moon Glass, Sun Glass

5, GOTO kogaku .965 Diagonal

6, Koku-sai Koki laser collimator

7, .965 size----> 31.7mm adapter

8, Wooden case ( GOTO Kogaku)

9, all tools

1 year guarantee !!


My asking Price is $1650 + shipping fee. ( including paypal fee )    

I will send by 1 BOX. 

I think that such rare and great condition model will be seldom sold from me,so please examine .

If there are lover of GOTO kogaku vintage refractor , I can recommend this scope with all my confidence.

Thank you for reading!