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Unitron 142C 3" Equatorial Refractor

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For sale is a Unitron 142C, complete, from around 1985. I purchased this a few years ago when I was into classic telescopes, but I never had the time or the skill to give it a proper restoration. It has stood proudly in my living room ever since, but it deserves to be out under the stars.

The 142C is a 75mm diameter refractor with a 1200mm focal length. The "C" indicates a clock drive, which was unused in the box when I received this, and which has since seen less than an hour of run time, so it is essentially new.

The objective lens shows some external and internal dust. Apparently the previous owner got inside and did something with the lens. It needs to be disassembled and cleaned. I did collimate the lens with a Takahashi collimating scope, but the collimation may be lost in transit to you, so plan on checking it out and redoing it. To help with this, I am including a custom adapter that connects the threads on the Unitron focus tube to Japanese standard parts. This allowed me to directly connect the Tak collimator, and it also allows you to connect a standard Japanese 1.25" adapter used on other old imported refractors.

Eyepieces include a 40mm Unitron "Monochro" 1.25", a 25mm Kellner 1.25", Unitron R 25mm, Unitron K 18mm, Unitron K 12.5mm, Unitron SYM 9mm, and Unitron OR 6mm all in 0.965" size. Three of the smaller eyepieces have covers, but two do not. There is a 2X barlow that atttaches to the end of the Unihex, but the lens is cracked and I have not used it.

The equatorial mount shows no paint chips or scratches, but it needs to be cleaned and lubed. (What you see in the photos is just some dust.) The finder and the main tube do have paint scratches, and it is up to you whether to leave them as part of the history of the scope, or to repaint them. They are as I received them.

The two-piece solar projection system is included, but I have not used it. It looks new. The tripod has some minor scratches, but nothing objectionable. It was missing one original nut, which I replaced with a stainles steel nut. The plastic lens cap is cracked. The instruction manual is included.

I have original wooden boxes for the mount and the tube assembly, and an original cardboard box for the Unihex, but no box for the tripod legs.

If you have questions or wish to see additional photos, please ask.

I am pricing this at $1800, which is the same as my original purchase price + the cost of the 40mm Monochro. The custom adapter cost me over $100 but I'm including it for free.

This is going to be a major pain to ship, so I must ask the buyer to pay for shipping. There will be at least three packages. I live in central NJ, and would be willing to deliver it as far north as Vermont and New Hampshire, and as far south as Virginia. As for west, maybe western Pennsylvania.