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Unitron 220B Camera - RARE

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This is ultra-rare and complete Unitron 220B camera designed to work in 1.25” telescopes. It comes with all the accessories in nearly perfect condition except, of course, the shutter bulb. The shutter bulbs were made of rubber and have all decomposed since these cameras were made. The one in the picture is hanging by a thread and is no longer working. To see my video on the 220 cameras search Youtube for “Unitron 220 Camera”. The rather odd clamp allows the camera to be used with both a standard Unitron drawtube as well as a standard 1.25” focuser as shown in another video I made (linked from the previous).

This camera has the original wooden cabinet. The shutter is intact and operable. The shutter bulb can be replaced with a mechanical cable release if you want to actually use the camera as shown in the video. The finish on the original storage cabinet is somewhat stained on top but it is structurally sound. The eyepiece projection hardware is in perfect condition and complete with the yellow-green filter. The three included film holders can hold enough film for 6 exposures.

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