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Unitron Stuff

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I have for sale various Unitron goodies.
1.  Lets start with the 4" lens cap. Its in great shape aside fron that yellow lettering someone did. The lettering is engraved into the plastic. I always planned to redo the lettering in white just never got around to it. No cracks. In great shape. 45.00 shipped SOLD

2.  A Unitron 1 1/4" diaganol with box. In excellent condition.  80.00  shipped  SOLD

3.  An older 1 1/4" diaganol. Used condition but glass is great.  40.00  shipped

4.  .965 solar Herschel wedge. Works great but was not up to exacting standards. The swing door does not quite line up to close. Otherwise works as it should. Be sure to research the use of these. I also use an ND filter with it as well.  100.00 shipped  SOLD

5.  A set of 3 bolts, nuts, and wing nuts from I believe a 128 or 114 tripod. At least they are just like the ones on my 114. They are 8mm dia by 85mm long and in great shape.  45.00 shipped  SOLD

6.  A set of 3 bolts and nuts for each end. Not sure what they are from. 9mm dia. X 110mm long. Well used condition  35.00 shipped

7.  Draw tube clamp that appears to be from the later years. That is judging from the bakelight knob instead of the earlier metal wingnut.  35.00 shipped

8.  A set of 4 wingnuts that are just like the 114 / 128 ones.  25.00  shipped  SOLD

9.  An over the eyepiece solar filter for .965 Unitron eyepieces. These are not safe to use. Only to complete your collection.  20.00 shipped

10.  A 17mm wrench that came from the 4" scopes. They were used for the tripod nuts.  20.00 shipped

11.  An RA shaft knob from a 3" EQ mount (model 142).   20.00 shipped

12.  A  Unitron eyepiece projection camera adapter. This one can be used with  1 1/4" or .965 focusers. Needs the usual t-ring to fit your camera type. 55.00 shipped

13.  Another Camera adapter that is definetly of N.S. manufacture with box. FIts 1 1/4" eyepieces and focusers. The front barrel can be removed and used as a prime focus adapter alonf with a t- ring for your camera.  55.00 shipped

14.  I also have an adapter that will only fit a Super Focuser. It allows 1 1/4" accessories to be used in the Super Focuser draw tubes. It is really handy for bino viewing. I could focus a bino with no barlow on mine. Your milage may vary. When I bought this they were 100.00. Now only 50.00 shipped. SOLD

15. Lastly is a mount box that was from a late 50s 3" model 142 scope. Has some cracking but hey its quite old after all. Quite solid overall  85.00 plus shipping on this one. SOLD

WIll be packed securely and shipped ASAP. U.S. sales only.  If you think the prices are wacky make me an offer.