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12 Vintage Sky and Telescope magazines, 1955-1975

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I am selling here a dozen old (now people call them "vintage" to give them more appeal)  Sky and Telescope magazines from the 1950s to 1975.  All but three predate the 1970s.  Cost to the buyer: $1 per issue.  Check out "vintage" S and T mags on eBay and you will see they cost anywhere from $5 PLUS buyer shipping to much more.  I prefer to sell these to my Astromart companions who will have fun with the magazines and not just use them to make money on a resale.

These are all in very good to excellent condition.  One is still in its manila mailing envelope and does not look like like it was ever read.  Many appear to have been read once and put away.  None have any old book smell.  No rips, tears or other major problems with the mags.  Some have some rub marks that are unavoidable when the magazines are put on and taken off shelves a number of times.  Many interesting articles which show how astronomy and the equipment has advanced over the last 70 years and lots of great advertisments from many of our favorite equipment makers and many who are no longer in business but whose products show up for sale occasionally in Astromart ads.

The issues included are:  Jan. '55;  Dec.  '55:  Jan. '59;  Oct. '59;  Apr. '61;  Jan. '62:  May '64;  Jan. '66;  Mar. '69;  Feb. '73;  Dec. '73;  Sep. '75.

I have a few dozen other older issue if you would want to substitute, but the chances are I would not have the specific one you need.

Cost:  I am charging only $12 for all 12 of these issues.  Please use PayPal.

Shipping:  Magazines are rather heavy and I need to charge enough to cover at least the price of the magazines and I would hope most of the shipping.  Buyer to pay $10 shipping if east of the Mississippi and $14 if west of the Mississippi.  If the shipping turns out to be less than these amounts I will refund the difference.  Because the magazines have ads (even out of date ads) I can't use media mail prices.
I ship only to the continental United States.  I DO NOT SHIP to Alaska, Hawaii, or any place overseas.