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Starship Earth II celestial Sphere by Artline

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The impressive transparent sixteen-inch diameter outer sphere of the Starship Earth II displays updated and improved data from Sky Catalogue 2000.0, all eighty-eight constellations and more than 1,100 naked-eye stars, plus many prominent deep-sky objects against a precision grid of Right Ascension and Declination lines. The Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds are shown in a wispy translucent blue, and deep sky objects are keyed to type. They're all accurately hand silk-screened on the sphere's interior surface for long lasting protection. Stars are identified by name, Greek letter designations, brightness, from first to fifth magnitude, and distance from the earth in light years. The outer sphere also highlights astral equivalents used to locate stars. An easy three-step setting allows you to reproduce the Earth, Sun, and star movements for any time, date, and location in the world. Understand more about how the Sun rises and sets, and how the seasons change; surrounding the five-inch diameter inner Earthsphere is a fully adjustable horizon ring to help you visualize the horizon for any location on the planet. Hand crafted of museum-quality acrylic, this sixteen-inch sphere rests on an sculptured acrylic tripod floor stand and has a total height of 3.5 feet. A table top stand is also included. Individually hand crafted, these individual artifacts are no longer produced. Originally sold for about $1300, these globes were not only exquisite teaching instruments but beautiful pieces of art. History of the Globe maker: Spherical Concepts, Inc. (SCI) was founded in 1981, by John Szal and Mark Buikema. John Szal continues to serve as the Founder and C.E.O. The process for producing acrylic globes is the same as the process that was used for blowing B52 Bomber covers. The originator of the acrylic globe concept, Robert Farquhar, wanted a better way to teach kids about the geo-political relationships of the world. See-through oceans allowed a "clearer view" of the planet. This also led to the development of astronomy products. The use of clear material allows a true representation of how we actually see the stars overhead, instead of the mirror-reverse image necessary when using opaque materials. I am asking $550 or best offer. Free domestic shipping (2 boxes).