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Starry Night Pro 8 - revised again.

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I bought this software but never use it.  It was a download and Simulation Curriculum tell me that I cannot obtain a refund because it was a download.

Starry Night Pro 8 costs $149.95 USD when bought as a download from Simultaeum Curriculum.

This sale comprises the Starry Night Pro 8 key that unlocks the download.  The username (currently mine) will need to be changed and today I received the message below saying that this is now possible.  Thus the new owner of this software would be the full and only owner.


Matt Hjelle (Simulation Curriculum Corp.)

Jan 22, 20:18 EST


You'll just copy/paste the links from your registration email and send them along with the registration I provide to the buyer.


Matt Hjelle
Starry Night / SkySafari / Layered Earth Support Team
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Pete Ingram

Jan 21, 14:45 EST

Matt, Will the new user be able to download the product again. I have stated that I'd put my copy up on my Google Drive and then delete all copies after the sale.

It might be better if you allowed a new download as I do not wish to be accused of allowing the software to be copied.

Thanks again.


Pete Ingram

Matt HjelleToday at 14:18
Hi Pete,

I can issue a new username and registration key for the new owner.  Just let me know what the desired username is.  


Matt Hjelle
Starry Night / SkySafari / Layered Earth Support Team