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FINAL PRICE REDUCTION! - Tele Vue 4x PowerMate + Tele Vue 4x T adapter - both like new, hardly used

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The Tele Vue 4X PowerMate is a bit  too much for my smaller aperture scopes and I've rarely used it because of that.  Both items are like new, and there are no scratches on the lenses or dings on the bodies of the accessories. 

I am also including a Tele Vue 4X T-adapter (a $60 value) for capturing those awsome planetary shots with your camera gear!  (For both items together, this is more than 20% off the cost of brand new items.)  Original boxes and packing materials are included.

If you:
- Are tired of stacking 2X Barlows and don't want all that glass and weight hanging out of your image train;
- Want to have more versatility for the eyepieces you already own;
- Want the Tele Vue guarantee of minimal optical interference in your imaging train;
- Prize those close-ups of the planets;

Then you owe it to yourself to try the 4X PowerMate!

I will only accept PayPal and will ship only within the continental US (lower 48).  I will pay for priority shipping.

From the Tele vue Web site:

Unique Benefits and Applications for Powermates™
  1. Vignetting, edge field aberrations and pupil movement - all introduced when using Barlows with long focal length eyepieces, are minimized.
  2. Telecentric operation (field rays leave parallel to optical axis, unlike Barlow lenses which diverge rays). This is ideal for Hydrogen-alpha filter use such as with Daystar models.
  3. High performance for image amplification, CCD or film (some of the finest Earth-based planetary imaging is being done with Powermates™ ).
  4. Flexible for visual and imaging with all types of telescopes and eyepieces. Essentially Parfocal, and with nearly constant magnification regardless of image distance behind top surface (except 5x model which increases 1x for every 35mm of image distance increase).
  5. Higher magnifications are possible with high optical performance compared to "doubling up" Barlows.
  6. All will reach parfocal point in star diagonals, except for the 2", 2x which comes very close.

In addition to full multi-coating, Powermates™ include other Tele Vue special touches such as safety undercuts where practical on the chrome barrel and captive lock screws that can't fall out, and filter threads. Our 100% QC program at f/4 insures that Powermates™ will add dramatic power (and NOTHING ELSE) to your favorite eyepieces.