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A Roof Prism Classic

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The smaller of the two units listed below - the 8x24 Minolta Pocket - was previously SOLD.

The 10x40 Minolta Mariner is still available....

Built in the early 80's, these two Beauties were Japan's answer to the top of the line roof prism models
then originating out of West Germany.  The larger of the two - the 10x40 Mariner - closely matches the design criteria used in the manufacture of Leica Trinovids of that Era.   It is an elegant pair of binoculars.   It carries the J-B35 engraving as well as oval JII PASSED label from the Japan Telescope Inspection Institute.

The 10x40 Mariner features excellent mechanicals, smooth internal focusing and feels comfortable in the hands.   It comes standard with die-cast body, +/- 4 Diopter compensation, fold-down rubber eye-cups, plus original Minolta case and carry cord.   Views are bright and pleasing with sharply defined field stops.
Collimation appears spot-on as far as my 71 year old eyes can discern.

The 10x40 Mariner was Minolta's premium flag ship model.   In addition to the above, it features rugged construction, Hi-Res optics, large focusing wheel, O-ring sealed objectives and exit pupils, a 5.6 degree field of view, plus an internal diopter compensation dial.   Optical windows are installed in front of the objectives to protect and seal them.   This 10x40 Mariner is a clean unit that looks almost new.   Built like a hockey puck, these binoculars have a solid, hefty feel to them.   Weight is 23.6 ounces.   I would rate its mechanics and optical coatings as a 9/9.

The 10x40 Mainer is priced to sell at:  $119 - shipped to your door - CONUS only please.   I pay the PayPal fee.

The 8x24 Minolta Pocket binoculars was previously SOLD.   This particular unit offers a 6.3 degree field of view and click-stop diopter compensation.   Weight is 7.6 ounces.   Like its big brother, build quality is excellent.   If I have single complaint regarding this smaller unit, it would be that its previous owner evidently used Q-tips to clean the outside perimeter of his optics.   One of the objectives of these mini-binos exhibits the resulting swirl marks (not easily seen in the enclosed photos) - though they do appear to be primarily limited to the outer edge of the right side lens.   I would therefore rate the 10x24 Minolta Pocket's mechanics and optical coatings as a 9 / 7-8 – and have priced it accordingly.   CONUS only please.   I pay the PayPal fee.

Folks, thank you for visiting my Amart ad....