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Last Docter Optics Binoculars and eyepieces ever,

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Analyttik Jena, who took over Docter Optics some time ago is forced to stop using the name Docter on the products. APM bought the last new stock

we have for sale :

- 2 pc new Docter Aspectem 40 x 80/500  UWA non-ED Binocular eacch only $ 2,750.00 include worldwide shipping
- 1 pc new Docter Aspectem 20-50 x 50/500 Varion ED-Aspectem each only $ 3,950.00 include worldwide shipping

- 4 pc new Docter 12.5 mm 90 degree UWA eyepiece with dual adapter 2" and 1.25" only US $ 430 include worldwide shipping
- 6 pc new Docter 16.4 mm 60 degree WA eyepieces with 1.25" adapter include worldwide shipping US $ 230

we ship from Germany

order now by

Markus Ludes