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SOLD - Pacemaker Crown Graphic 2x3

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This is a 2x3 (or 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" or 6x9 cm) Pacemaker Crown Graphic.

It has a Kodak Ektar 101mm f/4.5 lens in a Kodak Flash Supermatic Shutter, a side-mounted Kalart rangefinder, a top-mounted viewfinder, a Graflok back, a removable spring back with ground glass, two sheet film holders, model 2 film pack adapter, a Kodak Series VI filter adapter, Kodak Series VI lens shade, flash, and instruction booklets.

The condition of the camera is very good, bellows are excellent. Exceptions are the typical bulges under the leatherette of the front cover caused by corrosion of screws underneath, and some marks on the back indicating that the original spring back was removed and replaced with the present Graflok back. The range finder appears to be accurately calibrated for the attached 101 mm Ektar lens and the distance scale also appears to be correctly calibrated. Fast shutter speeds seem reasonable, although I have no way to test them. Slow speeds are all off (faster) so the shutter needs to be serviced.

Unfortunately I don't have an original roll film back for this camera but any easy to find Mamiya RB67 120 film holder will attach directly onto the Graflok back.

A case is included if you want it. I say that to let you know I'm flexible with shipping options. It will probably be less expensive to ship without the case.