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Rolleiflex TLRs: Vintage and Current Versions

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I have a number of Rollei TLR cameras to sell off from my collections, and looking to see who might be interested in these. Astromart is the first site I contacted, btw. The following is a list of cameras to sell:


1) Rollei 2.8 GX 75th Anniversary Edition set, complete, Never Used, (and using gloved hands) placed in an   

    exhibition case the moment I took them out of the box:   $6500 plus ship and fees (or we can negotiate).


2) (All newer model TLR Rolleis, essentially Unused—in Like New condition)—cameras only:

    a) 2.8 FX

    b) 2.8 GX Expression (Special Edition 65 Years).

    c) 4.0 FW (and does have original box):   $5,500 plus ship and fees. Also includes soft leather case.
Check out the "best" prices you see on these from reputable sources and then let me know what you'd be willing to pay. 

 The Anniversary Rollei model remains at present in the exhibition case, so the photos I took of them are in the [exhibition] cases. 

 I also have two older, classic TLR Rolleis to sell: 2.8D and a 2.8F. The D model has definite signs of wear but the lenses look, thru magnification, flawless. I can’t believe it myself, but there it is:   $600.   The 2.8F body looks absolutely mint, and likewise, the lenses look flawless under magnification. There is not a significant mark anywhere on this camera(!):   $2,300.  Note: With the 2.8F I will be providing a number of genuine Rollei accessories, including a full set of Lens Filters and Close Up Lenses, all in orig. Rollei leather cases, as well as a Rollei 90 deg. Prism Finder. Please understand I make no claim as to the proper functioning and timing of the cameras’ shutters. They all “click” but I have not timed them. You know what happens when older Rolleis sit around unused for a few years as oil dries up. But, there is always CLA. A few photos are shown below.  (Please note that the price above is just a price value; Astromart needed a number so I put in $600. No reality here.)