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Apogee U16M (Kodak 16803 CCD; 4096x4096 9 um pixels, 52 mm diagonal)

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I am selling this Apogee (now Photometrics) U16M large format CCD imager.  It features a large Kodak 16803 CCD sensor with 9 micron pixels in a 4096 x 4096 array (36.86 x 36.86 mm, 52 mm diagonal).  It has a 16 bit ADC, deep dual stage cooling (40C below ambient), really low dark noise (0.28 e-/pixel/sec), a large electromechanical shutter, and USB 2.0 readout.  The original camera test report is one of the photos in this ad.  I machined a dedicated black anodized interface unit (included) with a slot that could accept a manual linear slide for 65 mm filters (not included).  That cylindrical block also includes a Photodiox adapter to accept Pentax 67 medium format lenses, but this comes off with four bolts, so any other adapter can be substituted.  You could also remove my metal altogether (again, four bolts) and adapt directly to the U16M camera as-is.  For what little time I have for astrophotography, I have switched to less-intensive DSLR imaging.