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Atik Infinity Mono

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Excellent beginner imaging or Electronically Enhanced Astronomy camera.  This mono version is much more sensitive than the color, but of only get b/w.  Unless you get serious and put it on a filter wheel as shown in the photos.  The charm of these cameras is that you can get very nice DSO  images stacked in real time, with most any tracking mount.  The camera is optimized for short exposures, so even an Alt-Az goto mount and a fairly long focal length will work.  You can see amazing detail in DSOs and save them as you see them on your screen.  The b/w photos attached were taken with a SkyWatcher 10" F4.7 motorized Dob, 1200mm FL., using the Infinity software  The color images were taken with RGB or narrowband filters on a C9.25, F10, 2350mm FL, guided, using SharpCap for capturing.   I've also used the Atik "Dusk" program for long exposure image capture, but I'm pretty much a beginner in standard long-exposure imaging and processing.  The Infinity application is way easier.

For a full description of the camera, search on Atik Infinity and go to the Atik website.  Some tech specs:
  • Sensor Type: CCD - Sony ICX825
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1392 pixels
  • Vertical Resolution: 1040 pixels
  • Pixel Size: 6.45 µm x 6.45 µm
  • ADC: 16 bit
This was my first astronomy camera, and I've really enjoyed it.  This past winter I upgraded to cooled, larger format CMOS camera and filter wheel.  I used the Infinity for a guide camera.  Worked fine but kind of big for that purpose.  The new camera died in the summer and went to the doctor in China, so I bought a real guide camera and used the Infinity as the imaging camera, so that I could continue learning  RGB and narrowband imaging.  My new camera is just back,  should be working, and I really don't have a use for the Infinity.  But it is so much easier to use (thanks to the really great Infinity application) that sometimes I wonder if I should keep it!

The camera has been trouble free except, as noted in the original S&T review, the power jack is a loose fit to the male connector .  I complained to Atik and they gave me a screw-on cable that fixed that.  The camera is in excellent condition, and also comes with a cigarette-lighter type power cable and a 1.25" nosepiece which screws onto the T42 threaded sensor housing.  You will need to download the latest Core and Infinity software and manual from the Atik website. 

I'll cover shipping to CONUS.  Cash with pickup preferred if you can come to southern NH, otherwise PayPal, if you don't want to use the "friend" option, you cover the 3% fee.  You can see my selling record  here or on CN for reference.