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Do you have a Canon DSLR Camera and want to convert it for Astrophotography and/or for IR and UV photography?

I offer professional Canon DSLR enhanced and full spectrum conversions under a very clean workroom environment and using Antistatic ESD safety tools.

Conversion types:
1. UV/IR block filter removal only: $ 199
With this conversion the camera won’t be able to reach focus at infinity or autofocus with regular lenses. This is not a problem when it is used with telescopes.

2. Full Spectrum conversion: $ 285 (5D/5D MKII/6D $ 320)
For this conversion the Astronomik MC Clear glass is used.
This conversion is suitable for UV/IR Photography, and Astrophotography, and the sensor is calibrated for autofocus feature to use the camera with regular lenses. Both Low Pass Filter and original UV/IR stock blocking filter are replaced by the Astronomik Multicoated Anti-reflective clear filter.

Additional UV/IR cut luminance filter is required to capture the pictures in visible light.

For daylight or regular photography additional Original White Balance filter is required. Astronomik OWB Clip filter can be used with conjunction of Canon EF Lenses (EF-S Lenses are not compatible with clip in filters)

3. Enhanced Spectrum conversion: $ 320 (APS-C Sensors only)
For this conversion, the Baader UV/IR Cut Anti-Reflective filter with enhanced h-alpha sensitivity is used, and the sensor is calibrated for Autofocus feature to use the camera with regular lenses. This conversion doesn’t require an additional or external UV/IR Cut filter. H-alpha sensitivity is increased by 4 times compared with the UV/UR blocking Sensor stock filter. This conversion preserves the Low Pass Filter. The LPF creates a slight gaussian blurring effect on images for the purpose of eliminate moire effect.
NEAT work room, ESD Safe Professional tools, and high accuracy measurement device for autofocus calibration is used for every conversion (Sensor Calibration is not effective with Low Pass Filter removal)

90 days warranty against conversion defects.

I'm an electronics repair technician with more than 10 years of experience.
Shipping cost is not included. It is usually over $ 20 through USPS.