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Gold Pro-Kits - Cosmetic Blems - Only Have 1 Each - EOS-R, Nikon-Z, Sony E Mount - Save Over $150!

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PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for a New Pro-Kit with Cosmetic Blemishes. It may have some small scratches, touchups or other cosmetic only issues. It is guaranteed 100% Functional and includes a 1 year factory warranty. Normal Price on this item is $529. Clearance listings are non-returnable, but do include a full 1 year factory warranty.

The Gold Pro-Kit includes our Huge 2" VariMax II "Eyepiece Projection" adapter, our 2" Low Profile Precision Fit UltraWide "Prime Focus" adapter, a T-Ring, a T-1.25" Adapter, a 1.25" Clear Dust Filter, a 2" Clear Dust Filter, a 1.25" Parfocalizing Ring, a 2" Parfocalizing Ring, wrench set and a custom fit Storage Case. This set can perform 2" Eyepiece Projection astrophotography in 2" Ports. It can also perform "Prime Focus" photography in either 1.25" or 2" Ports (UltraWide for 2"). Clear glass dust filters are included in both 1.25" & 2" sizes to keep dust off your sensor. Parfocalizing Rings are included in both 1.25" & 2" sizes and can be used to make a spare eyepiece "parfocal" with your camera setup for easier focusing. The rectangular space in the lower left of the case is provided empty for storage of any accessories.