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SBIG DSS-7 Spectrograph with ST402-XME camera attached

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This veteran system worked has worked flawlessly for my students and me for quite a few years. I have decided to sell it to move up to a more expensive spectrascope system. Detailed specifications are contained in the users manual. I've included a link to it below

This spectrograph is optimized for many amateur projects, from stellar classification to nebular analysis, to galactic redshifts. While the
DSS-7 does not have an internal guider it is more sensitive than its big brother, the SBIG SGS, which makes it a good tool for Deep Space Objects. It works best on Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (F/10), but works with any F/10 telescope. 

I added a 9-volt pigtail connector in case you prefer to use a 9v power supply. You can still use the battery holder that is in the unit if you prefer. They both work. 

Additionally, software, drivers, and the operator's manual for the system are available on Diffraction Limited's website. If you want to see how easy this spectrograph is to operate, download the free PDF manual from Diffraction Limited!

I am selling a complete system INCLUDING the imaging camera for less than the price of the spectrograph. By the way, this unit is NO LONGER available. I do not understand why, but it was dropped when SBIG was sold to Diffraction Limited. 

First $1200.00, or best offer if not sold within 7 days of this posting. PAYPAL accepted (add 3%). I'll pay shipping within CONUS

Ron Diiulio, Director
Astronomy Program
University of North Texas