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Starlight Xpress Trius 46 Monochrome CCD Telescope Camera "Reduced"

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I have owned the camera for about 1 year and have not used it much I do have the original case for it.
I also have the maxi filter wheel for sale on a diferent add.


Starlight Xpress Trius 46 Monochrome CCD Telescope Camera

The Trius SX-46 Full-Frame Monochrome CCD Camera is a high quality astrophotography camera built around the KAF-16200 sensor. It has been heavily optimized, and the camera body was designed to make the best use of this sensor possible, refining the design and adding new features unique to this camera. The camera's input window is composed of a multi-coated synthetic sapphire that possesses an extremely high level of thermal conductivity, greatly reducing the chance of dewing on the camera sensor window, even during extensive cooling. 

The three stage Peltier cooler built into this camera is capable of sustaining a thermal delta of up to 50-degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature. This level of cooling power is present, but the power consumption of the camera is limited to 2 Amps at 12V DC. This places the camera in the best spot of efficiency and power when it comes to the cooling system in use. 

The Trius 46 operates at a read noise level of 9e typically, and has a peak QE of 58-percent. The full well capacity clocks in at approximately 41,000 e, and all around performance is superb and clean.