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Stormtrooper Canon 6D Astro-Modified/Custom Refinished/New Shutter

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(No, you aren't the first person to make the "Stormtroopers miss all their shots" joke. Good try though!)

The camera was disassembled down to the shutter, which was replaced with a brand new shutter unit. Next, the sensor was astro-modified, which involved removing the middle filter wafer which blocks most 656nm (H-alpha) light from making it to the sensor. In this camera the "front" filter, aka the IR hot-mirror filter, was left in place which retains appropriate IR exclusion properties which saves you from having to purchase an accessory filter. The camera also retains it's piezoelectric sensor-cleaner which shakes dust off the sensor.

Additional work was performed. A minor physical repair was made to the rubber port cover sealing the Mic and Shutter-Release ports. Over time the thin hinge section of the port cover had worn out, so some donor material was melt-welded to the port cover. A new main dial was installed to replace the worn-out original, and the internals were given a good cleaning.

The entirety of the internals installed in or on the outer shell were disassembled. All buttons, switches, screens, and other components that were attached to the outer shell were removed. The body panels and outer rubberized grip were processed and coated in C-Series Cerakote "Bright White C-140" while any recessed lettering was done in black or blue to complete the Stormtrooper aesthetic.

The camera is completely functional, but should be considered to be in used condition. There are some cosmetic signs of use. The rear screen shows abrasions as one would expect. There are minor dings or dents in the body shell that were left as-is. The refinishing process by necessity stripped the body of any printed icons, such as the icons indicating the functions of some of the buttons. While the rubber grips were textured via abrasive blasting before being coated, one should still expect that the coating on the rubber will wear through with use, giving the sense that this particular trooper has been through a few blaster battles.

The camera comes with an aftermarket battery and charger, and a body cap.
The entirety of the work was done by La Salamandra Camera
Buyer pays shipping. Payment via PayPal in Canadian funds CAD$1249 (approx USD$999). To make things fair Canadian buyers may choose to pay via interac etransfer for a slight discount because of lack of fees.