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HUGE slice of NWA 869 meteorite plus others / Blow out pricing !

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Hello All
Today up for grabs is a Huge 259 gram , 5 1/2 " x 5 1/2" slice of NorthWest Africa 869 
This is a very high polished slice ..... However while being polished in final stages at 5000 grit diamond pads ,,,, it broke into 2 pieces ,,,,, its been repaired & in hand it looks pretty darn good .... looks fabulous on display .... but in the right light at the right angle You can see the repair ..... I tried showing the beauty & the beast in My photos , just so You know what Your receiving ....
in pristine shape / no repair this is easily a $ 300 slice ..... My Loss Your gain ..... $ 175 shipped to Your door in the States or Canada ... Via PayPal net to Me in American funds
Ships though Canada Post

Next a really nice Package , almost a pound of meteorites .
JAH 073 
184 grams 
slightly polished on one side to show the Beautiful red / brown matrix & chondrules
I have sold lots of this material over the years at above $ 1 per gram .
BUTttttt .....
Im going to also add a highly polished slice of a unclassifed meteorite with black matrix & tons of small nickle / iron flakes 
Reminds me of the night sky ! weighs a hefty 188 grams ,,, after Decades of  dealing with meteorites , My guess would be a H6 chondrite ... this Package is only $ 180 American Via PayPal in American Funds net to Me

first package to sell I will include a unclassified Lunar micro from the very large , over 20 kilos were recovered in 2017 from Algeria ....  not everyone who bought this fall had each sample classified ,,,, this sample weighs 0.09 grams

member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association # 6289

All ships through Canada Post

Thanks All