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Bring Your Own Weight "Counterweight" (.5"-1.30") Counterweight Shaft Sizes for EQ Mounts!

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Don’t Feel Like Paying Too Much for Counterweights? Confused about How much weight you will Need? IS your "Counterweight Out of Stock"?

Then Look no Further if your EQ Mounts Shaft Size is between (.5"-1.3"). Now You Can Make Your Own Counterweight Combination by using 2" Olympic Plates with my Patent Pending Device called Jeezta™.

Jeezta™ will fit a counterweight shaft size of 1.30” or Less, By using (User Supplied ) 2” Olympic Weight Plates (Weights not included). You can find 2” Olympic-size Weight Plates for pretty cheap online or you may already own them. Jeezta™ can be used by itself or with other Counterweights.

There are two Variations Currently to choose from:
1.) The Small Variant (Jeezta S) can range from. 1/3” - .9” Shaft size
2.) the Large Variant  (Jeezta L) which can range from .9”-1.30” Shaft size.

Each Variant of Jeezta™ will have a customized Bore Size made just for you. Just let me know the Exact Diameter of your Counter Shaft Bar on your EQ Mount and not your Counterweight Bore size and I will get to work. :) 

How is it Secured? The Large version is Secured with 2 Stainless Steel 3/8”-16 Stainless Steel Bolts with a 1” Diameter Rubber Well Nut to prevent marring and for added grip along with 3 M6 Stainless Steel set screws with Teflon Tips towards the top.

The Small version has 2 Stainless Steel ¼”-20 Bolts with .75” Diameter Rubber Well Nut. The Large Version uses a 3/8" Stainless Steel Bolt and 1" Diameter Rubber Well Nut. These prevent marring along with 3 M6 Stainless Steel set screws with Teflon Tips.

See Image Bellow for the Locking Knobs and Rubber Well Nut.
(Also the images may look stretched, I was having a hard time Putting them in this Ad as it kept trying to stretch it).

Please Note” The M6 Set Screws are used for Centering purposes only and should not be locked down too tight, rather just touching your Countershaft Bar and not allowing it to move around due to its Lanky Shape. 

Please See the Image Below for the Centering Set Screws.

How Durable is it? It is made of 100% Solid Filled PETG/PET-G is a Thermoplastic Polyester that delivers significant Durability and UV Resistance and doesn’t degrade over time and can be used with temperatures Under 160-180ish Fahrenheit range.

How much Weight can it hold? Look at the photo with the 2” Olympic weights attached, plus a 33 lb weight that I made last year. The total testing weight was 100+ lbs. on Jeezta. Although it can hold that much weight and more, I do not recommend using that much weight, this was just to show you how durable and secure it can be. You will also notice in the weight photo, Jeezta™ has different knobs. The photo carrying the 100+ lbs. was one of my prototypes during testing, and I felt the need to extend the Knobs wider to make locking easier. So, The two Jeezta™ weights shown together in most of the single images will be the version that will be sold.

Please see the below image for the weight test.

What is the Warranty? If anything happens to it just let me know and I will take care of it. You can message me for more details.

Dimensions: The regular Jeezta versions are about 7.5" tall. I can make them taller if you wish or smaller. It weighs in at around 1 & 1/2" Lbs. 

Please note: You will need a 2” Olympic Nonmetal Barbell Locking Collar to secure the Olympic weights to Jeezta™. You can easily pick them up from many places or I can supply you one with an additional cost of $7. I have tried different types of Collars and prefer the one from POWER GUIDANCE since it is about 1” in width and allows extra room for more weight, rather than the others which are about (2” in Width). The inside coating is (TPR) high-quality soft rubberized lining material.

Remember Do Not Use Those Metal Locking Spring Collars as they don’t provide enough grip compared to the ones with rubberized materials inside of them on PETG. So if you opt out of the Collar purchase,  just make sure you get a Collar with a good inner grip material, also with lots of Positive Reviews.

Main Locking Bolts: Below is a picture of the main locking Bolts with the Rubberized Well Nuts on.

Production & Delivery Time: Since this is a made-to-order product currently, At least until I get going, it will take me about 3-5 days for production time and then I ship USPS Insured Priority Mail. It is on a first come first serve basis. Normally I can print 1 of these in 24 hours per 3D Printer and then I post-process it after and then add the components (I use JB Weld Epoxy 3900 PSI to create the Locking Mechanisms and I let them dry for 24 hours before testing each Jeezta™ Counterweight. I also Heat treat them, so the PET-G gets even stronger and Fuses more. So as you can see the average reason why production time would be around 3-5 days. I got several machines as well to speed up the process. But I ask you to be patient if it were to take longer due to Material Delivery Delay/3D Printer Repairs, Failed Prints ect… Hopefully, I can get to the point where I have them already printed and in stock. Also, keep in mind how many other things are prior to you. To be more accurate, Please send me a message and I will tell you how many days it should be ready to ship :)

3D Printing Process Disclaimer: Due to it being 3D printed you may notice some cosmetic artifacts. It is perfectly normal and does not compromise the function. And I do quality control for each one. But just remember that you will probably see some minor cosmetic imperfections.

Price: Both Jeezta’s are the same price. I am starting them out at $49.99 + $8.50 for USPS Priority shipping (I split the shipping in half, I pay half and you pay half). Also Optional $7 for the Barbell Locking Collar (You can supply your own and not pay the $7). PayPal/USA Only for now.

The First 4 Orders get a FREE "POWER GUIDANCE" Locking Collar.

Jeezta's Disclaimer: Use at your Own Risk! The reason for this is that there is no way to know if an improper/Defective Locking Collar was on a Jeezta™, or some cheap brand or even the Metal Spring clamp. I also have no control over what kind of Weight Plates the User will use and the condition of them and how you use them for example someone may need a little more weight So they duct tape something heavy on it or someone found old rusty Olympic Weight Plates at a garage sale and they had a crack in them ect...

By Purchasing and Using the Jeezta™ Counterweight, You Hereby State that Brian Clements is Not Liable for; Any Damages to your Astro Gear, Harm or injury of any Kind to Yourself and those around you.

I am just trying to do the best I can to make unique affordable products for the Astro Community and I hate putting up disclaimers but I have to for this one since it is out of my control of the User-supplied Products that work with Jeezta™.  

Thanks for Looking  :)

And please message me if you are interested or have any questions or just want to say Hello :)