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Saturn 7 August 2020

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Edward Byers 812 mount

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I'm putting my Byers 812 GEM up for sale. The Byers drives were unequaled in both amateur and industry uses. Their mounts were no different including the Byers 812 mount system. I haven't seen many available recently. They hold up extremely well and I've never seen a 812 as clean as this one.

From the Byers 812 brochure:

*Observatory mount tracking accuracy with sideral driving system based on the Byers ultra-precision 11.312 inch diameter 359 tooth worm gear.
*Sector gear design provides 2 hours of continuous tracking and instant push button reset.
*The hugh polar cone is 8.375 inches in diameter through the north bearing.
*Precision instrument class ball bearings at all critical points.

There were only 95 of these 812 mounts made. It was advertised to carry 65 to 100 lbs and track to 2 arc seconds. The story is that Ed made a prototype and was inundated by people wanting them, so he took orders for 100, but during productin realized they would cost him more to make than he was charging.

The mount includes the Byers engraved setting circles, counter weight and Byers original tripod. Digital encoders are installed on both axis. Also included is the Accutrack 4000 series quartz crystal controlled drive speed control and hand paddle.

This mount is extremely clean. It is typical of the Byers no expense spared on material and construction and therefore is very heavy. The mount and tripod breaks down easily but probably can't be safely shipped. I'm willing to drive to some midpoint within reason. I travel from the Houston area to my observatory in New Mexico, so maybe some arrangements can be made for safe transport.