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Orion HDX 110 EQ-G - $2000 - Pick up ONLY

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Hi all... I wanted to see if there was any interest in my massive Orion HDX110 EQ-G mount. It has served me well over two years. Massive 110 lbs capacity, superb GOTOs and tracking. I've had telescopes ranging from a 12" F4 newtonian, Rasa 11", to 10" F8 RC, to APM140mm and others mounted on it over the two years, and it has always been a top notch imaging mount. In full disclosure, I cannot get the hand controllers ( I have two) to work with the mount. (message is Both Axis No Response). I have never bothered using the hand controllers anyway, as I have always controlled my mount using EQMOD cable and either Stellarium, or Cartes Du Ciel. Building a pointing model, and the mount was always spot on. So, this is a massive, and very heavy mount head. I would love as local sale. The mount is still mounted in my observatory, so you'd be free to test it out. I would not want to pack and/or ship, but last case scenario, we could come up to an agreement. So, it is fully functional, other than my hand controllers. Not sure if it is a firmware issue, or what not, as it never bothered me, I always used the mount via PC controll and EQMod cable. What is, or can be included in the sale:

Orion HDX 110 EQ-G mount head
Counter weight shaft. I have 2 or 3, 22 lbs weights available.
Mount power cables.
Two hand controllers and cables.
EQMod cable
PoleMaster mount included

I also have the hard to find, and sought after main controller boards for the mount. I think I have two spares.

I would like to offer it for my asking price of $2,000, but that depends on what you want with the head as far as accessories. If interested, please let me know. Prefer local sale. I'm in Connecticut. PICKUP ONLY.  Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks for looking.

Martin in CT