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SkyShed Steel Piers for Many Scopes and Mounts

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After thoroughly researching the market we came up with a new approach to pier design. Now after 15 years years and thousands of piers in place around the world, our happy customers agree that we have devised an innovative pier design that is attractive, highly functional and affordable.

Photos taken on SkyShed Piers grace the pages and covers of magazines, photo contests, books, APODs, websites, and more. Well known astro-photographers utilize SkyShed Piers.

The SkyShed Steel Pier design incorporates a dual leveling ability, and a pier top that rotates 360 and locks to line up your telescope in the direction of your choice. The design also includes anti-vibration stabilizer fins at the base, and multiple adapter plates allow you switch many telescopes/mounts on just one pier.

We teamed up with a high quality steel fabricator to supply our customers with a design that is quick and easy to install, and is easily transportable should you change your observing location in the future, with adapter plates which can be swapped out.

Whether it's a Bisque, Meade, Celestron, Takahashi, Astro Physics, Planewave, Losmandy, iOptron, Orion, Skywatcher, 10Micron, Milburn Wedges, Mitty Wedges, etc., there's a good chance one of our configurations can do the job you need. We have a looong list of scopes/mounts we make piers for. *We do custom adapter work for old and "ancient" telescopes too.

We will email you an in-depth info package w/ step by step construction guide for installing a pier footing, and consult with you about the pier and your needs, all the way thru set up and beyond.

In 2016 we introduced our "HD" Heavy Duty line of larger piers for larger setups like 17"- 20" Planewaves, 16" and 20" AstroTecs, etc. See the graphic attached. The HD Pier has a larger diameter, thicker steel, longer fins, heavier hardware.

We ship SkyShed Piers to anywhere in North America. In Europe please contact Altair Astro who make a metric version, known as the SkyShed Altair Pier. Altair develops a lot of the great mount adapters we use.

Ships in 3-4 weeks via UPS

Available in a range of colors. Order now for Bonus Black Powder Coating. Normally a $100 option.