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I believe this fits a Meade . Stainless Steel counterweight for 1 ½" shaft at 6tpi $200 OBO

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Bought this 35 pound beauty for my GM200 Losmandy mount. But it doesn't work for me as the Losmandy is 1 1/2" 8 tpi.
It is a beautiful 35 pound hunk of stainless steel tho, and it's a quick adjust! You just press in the side of the counterweight,(you can see the rectangle on the side in the picture} and VOILA! you don't have to waste your time turning it, it willl slide to the desired position.. Release the button and it locks in place. It can then be turned for fine balance. Don't adk, because I have NO idea who made it. I bought it from Dr Clay many years ago.It is 8" in diameter, and 3 1/2" thick. Did I mention that its 35 pounds?

Anyone needing 35 pounds of counterweight on a 6tpi shaft out there??