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Takahashi Classic P-2 Equatorial mount with many accessories in excellent conditions !

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Thank you for looking !!  ( Price Down ! $1280,USD--------------------> $1050,USD

I will exhibit P-2 Equatorial mount made in 1980 year ( already more than 40 years ago model)
P-2 equatorial mount is first model of final version ( P-2Z ) ; I think this is well known.

Basic structure is same as P-2Z.  Only 1 point, there is much different point .  It's painting.
This painting is called ' Hammer tone painting ' which is most exclusive, beautiful painting.

To express it's exclusiveness, beauty by picture  is  difficult.  I know new color ( light green )  is popular.
As feature of ' Hammer tone painting' 

1, Very strong in comparison to it of P-2Z.
2, Complex color ( not only grey but also including Green ,Very beautiful 
3, Very strong ( it is hard to go bald ) 
4, Very expensive,so most exclusive
P-2's this painting has much value in comparison to new painting  ( light green color) .

I think I must look all Telescope and Equatorial mount versatilety.

My P-2 equatorial is after all this P-2 equatorial.

Takahashi adopted this (  Hammer tone painting ) for P-2, 90s, NJP ( Jp) only for a few years ( aboot 1979 ~).
I hear this (Hammer tone painting ) is very expensive. So Takahashi would have changed to cheap painting.

If I say only painting of about Takahashi equatortial mount , it's changing of painting ( gradually cheaper ).......

When I operate actually P-2 and P-2Z , operation feeling is much different.
It is from difference of only painting, This is impossible to express by word.
If member has PENTAX Equatorial mount like MS-3n, Takahashi's Hammer tone painting is similar to PENTAX's painting for equatorial mount.
So, possible to imagine.

Why Takahashi stopped this Hammer tone painting , after all reason will be for cost down.........
 Company is one which pursue profit ,so it will be natural.

Unfortunately,Even if it is telescope company, more profit is needed. so cost down will be natural.
In other words,as a trend, in case of Takahashi Equatorial mount , old manufacture is better than new manufacture at the point of painting.
< Most exclusive painting was this ' Hammer tone painting ' in 1979~ only a few years>

By the way,I think  there will be some people who knows that P-2 equatorial mount has problem about polar scope pattern ( not about
old pattern)  
Yes. That's right.   In case of P-2 mount, we must adjust polar scope pattern. ( as far as I know , it is only P-2 among Takahashi equatorial mounts which needs adjustment )
This adjustmednt is very difficult.   
I did 3~4 ,P-2 Equatorials , always about 2 days is needed for adjustment.
I won't write why so difficult here.  Of course, This polar scope patytern is adjusted . I did it.
So please don't worry about it.

I add some parts for P-2Z ( for easy operating ).( Body style is common,so useful )

Tracking performance is excellent.
Takahashi's equatorial mounts, when I adjust , become great performance.
I have been saying that ( Takahashi has been adopting excellent gears, and other material ),but to draw best performance needs delicate

Normally, P-2, P-2Z , 300mm tele-photo lens ,10min by only RA motor driving is extraordinary performance.( Normally, impossible....)

I think Takahashi equatorial mounts have very excellent tracking performance,but for it, adjustment is needed.
I think this feature is for only expert ?
Anyway, this P-2 equatorial mount will give everyone pleasure to own.

This P-2 equatorial mount is such attractive equatorial mount.  I can recommend as collection,too.
Everyone may not believe my description, but this story of painting, among Telescope lovers who has long experience is
very famous in Japan ......

1, P-2 Equatorial mount body -------------------- No wound. No mark from touch up painted.Beautiful ! < condiition of grease ;very good >
2, Takahashi 2.4kg weight ------------------------- No wound, No mark from touch up painted  Beautiful !

3,                    1.4kg weight --------------------------unfortunately , has wounds ( please watch picture)
4, Takahashi FC-S  short ,P-2 original tripod ----------- Very good
5,                   FC-M tripod -------------------------------------- Very good 
6, HD-4 Motor drive ( Grren color Motor case ) ---------------------- Hand SW has fade ( please watch picture)

Selling contents;

1, Takahashi P-2 equatorial mount ( S/N; 80473) weight shaft
2                    2.3kg weight
3                    1.4kg weight
4, 68mm clamshell ( same painting as P-2 )------------ precious

5,Takahashi P- light ( Like New)
6, Takahashi 100mm extension shaft 
7, Takahashi end stopper ( round one ) -----for balance
8, Takahashi FC-S tripod
9, Takahashi FC-M Tripod
10, Takahashi Tripod adapter for P-2 ( P-2Z) ----> FC-M tripod ( New one)
11, Takahashi flex handle (260mm)
12, Takahashi 6mm axis short handle
13, Takahashi 9mm axis short handle
14, Takahashi wooden case 
15,Takahashi Height adjustment bolt for P-2Z
16, Takahashi Ring Level for P-2Z 
15, Manuals 
16, all tools ,bolts

1 year guarantee ( HD-4 ,normally never be broken) also, I have used parts of HD-4.

My asking price ; $1250,USD + UPS fee + PayPal fee (5%)

about UPS fee , when I will receive offer, I will  calculate. ( by 2 BOX , I will send )

Please consider it.

Thank you for reading