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Takahashi EM-1S Equatorial mount -full set in BEST CONDITION !!

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Thank you for looking !  Only This time, I sell at Special Price!!  ( $845--------------> $745,USD ) < -$100,USD ! >

When I say conclusion, This EM-1S is Best Condition with Excellent tracking perforrmance so, I want to sell a little more expensive than
previous EM-1S.

Everyone will know about EM-1S ,so I will explain from another side.

In case of me, for Takahashi Equatorial mount ( except auto-guiding type) , If  tracking performance of it's mount  has 
< By 300mm Telephoto lens , 10min ,of course only RA motor without auto-guiding ,  OK !!  ------------------> BEST ( succes)

This way of thinking may be idea of Japanese 's special way of thinking.
However, originally Takahashi 's development of Equatorial mount was such one.

Now I will omit detailes of my caluculation formula.

This EM-1S;  300mm Telephoto lens , 10min ,OK  means that (about) when someone watch Jupiter at 300X, ---------------------->
at least 10min, Jupiter will stay at  the center of view field.
( Of course, by Polar scope, Polar alignment must be correct ).

I think if there is a buyer, he will be visual lover.  My Test has such meanings.  Please understand about it's point.


1, EM-1S body ; Very beautiful, few marks from touch up painted
2, counter weight ; beautiful

3, 3.7kg weight ----- looks un-used item

4, FC-M Tripod ---------- excellent 

Selling contents

1, Takahashi EM-1S ( S/N; 90072) with counter weight shaft, Hand SW, Power supply case
2, Takahashi 3.7kg weight

3, Takahashi P- Light

4, Vixen OTA holder

7, Tool ( for FC-M )

1 year guarantee

Shipping BOX is 160cm   My asking price is ;$745,USD+UPS fee + PayPal fee (4%)

UPS fee ;

1, To the USA , Australia ------------------------------ $193,USD
2,         Europe ---------------------------------------------$ 226,USD

Such beautiful EM-1S is rare..........

By all means , Please buy at this opportunity.

Thank you for looking !