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Takahashi Space Boy with New polar scope pattern, accessories in excellent conditions Reduced !!

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PRICE Reduced !!   $1380,USD------------> $1180,USD ( -$200,USD) !!   Bargain !!

( Human doesn't depend on it's person's appearance.....) < I translated > 
In Japan, there is such proverb .

My meeting Space Boy was really it.
Before purchase, test, I have been thinking that ( possibly , Space boy looks like toy.......) < As a result, it was big my misunderstanding ...>
Because , Takahashi didn't do advertising ( Great equatorial mount! Space Boy !!).
Also, I have never heard ( Space boy has great performance , very useful ) from Japanese telescope lovers................... from the past.
Japanese telescope lovers has been saying ( P-2Z is best small Takahashi equatorial mount. P-2Z is ( little NJP )

Who began to say so.?   Maybe, Takahashi announced that ( P-2Z is most excellent small equatorial , best P- series among all P-2 series...)
Certainly, P-2Z is excellent small equatorial.  I have no will to deny it. Normally All maker says agaist new manufacture ( This is Best one in comparison to previous manufacture) .
It will be normal.  It's business......
Today, I will exhibit Takahashi Space Boy, not P-2 about series...............
First, machining accuracy of warm wheel gear, I think (same level as P-2, P-2S,P-2Z ).
P-2, P-2S, P-2Z, has great tracking performance depending on user's adjustment ( 300mm telephoto lens ,10min OK by only RA  motor)
Space boy has similar tracking performance to P-2, P-2S,P-2Z . ( 300mm 10min OK )

Extensibility;    This is ; Space boy is preponderantly has a lot.   
I think Takahashi sky patrol I sold recently will be modern model of Space Boy,   
I think the most goodness of Space boy is ; can be used almost everywhere in the world.
It means height ( RA block) position adjustment  is wide...............  

Takahashi's almost equatorial mount 's range of height adjustment is ; ( 15 degrtee ~ 50 degree )
Against it, Space Boy can be used ( height ) ; ( 0 dgree ~ 90 degree ) so, Space Boy's range for possible height adjustment is
predominantly wide.

Recently ,at last I remembered. After 1985 (after released year of Space Boy) total solar eclipse happened somewhere near equator...
( I forgot details) 
A Japanese I knew used Space Boy at that time. ( I remember his picture on his web-site). Around the equator, except Space Boy, couldn't use --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From here, it's Main subject

This time, this grey ( a little green) Space Boy has new polar scale pattern.
This style, as Takahashi , very rare...............exception......

Except EM-200, EM-2, Takahashi's polar scale pattern has been (traditionally )  complex Hour angle calculation .
I imagine a lot of Telescope lovers in the world have been thinking ( Takahashi's polar alignment is complex ..............)

In fact, There is a little serious reason for it.
Perhaps , Telescope lovers who knows Japanese Telescope made in 1970s can imagine it's reason. 

I won't write it's reason in detailes here.
Since that time, already 50 years passed.   ( Japanese patent's right is 20 years ,so not problem of patent ).    
Why ?   I imagine it will be Takahashi's big pride. 
I think as Takahashi, never want to adopt this type polar scale pattern.
So, In Japan,as far as I know, Takahashi never open changing to this pattern .
No advertisement of it.
Possibly, Takahashi would have made only small number about this new pattern.
As for me, I thought ( Takahashi at last adopted this pattern ..............!!!)
However , for Takahashi Telescope  lovers in other countries , unrelated topics.

Of course, this new pattern including Takahashi's traditional method. ( hour angle calculation)
This is goodness of this polar scale pattern. ( Please watch picture) 

Already, Takahashi has no stock of this scale pattern.  So, to buy Takahashi equatorial mount having this useful scale pattern of Polar scope
has great meanings.

In such meaning, this Space Boy is very precious , has value............

If there is someone who prefer this polar scope's scale pattern, I recommend by all means.

At a glance, looks not rare scale pattern,but this scale pattern Takahashi adopted has deep meaning.
It's Japanese Telescope's history,too.

( Space Boy spec;)

1, weight of Equatorial mount-------- about 3kg ( except counter weight)
2, possible OTA weight ( * No description on Space boy manual) , I think about 7.5kg 
3, possible using ;Height ; ( 0 ~90 degree )

1, Space boy Equatorial mount body;  No makrs from touch up painted at all . Beautiful.
                                                                    No grease problem ( RA,DEC ,both of them, smooth )

2, Counter weights , 1.4kg, 2.3 kg ,both of them ------------ no wounds , beautiful.

3, FC-S ( cherry wood) ; -------------- beautiful

4, Vixen alminum Tripod for Porta mount ----------------- No woumnds, No dent. like New

Selling contents ;

1, Takahashi Space Boy ( S/N; 84060) body ( original weight shaft 6mm axsis short handle X2)
    with FC-S wooden tripod
2, Takahashi Flex handle for only Space Boy ( this is super rare. precious )   

3, Takahashi 1.9kg weight
4, Takahashi  3.6kg weight

5, Takahashi HD-4 motor drive
6, Takahashi 68mm clamshell
7, Takahashi decoration ring ( for making strong connection between weight shaft and Equatorial body )
8, Vixen aluminum tripod 
9, More Blue 180mm extension shaft
10, More Blue base plate for imaging ( New one)
11, Japnese craftmanship original lighting system ( New one)
12. all tools, bolts
13, Takahashi wooden BOX ( I remade Takahashi P- type's wooden BOX)
14, 2 Manuals ( I translated )

1 year guarantee 
Shipping ; I will send out separately

1, Takahashi wooden BOX --- 140cm size,but weight is more than 20kg,so caluculate as 160cm)
2, Vixen aluminum tripod -------------------- 120cm size

UPS shipping fee;

1, To the USA ( BOX 1+2) = $217,USD + $125,USD = $342,USD------***

2, To Europe (BOX 1+2)= $253,USD + $137,USD = $ 390,USD ---------***

My asking price ; $1180,USD + UPS fee + PayPal fee (5%) 

Always packing needs 6~7 hours ,but I dont have fee of packing .

Space Boy is great equatorial mount , so I can recommend for visual lovers , imaging lovers .

Please consider it.

Thank you for reading !