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This is real unused item !! Takahashi EM-10 USD Equatorial mount ,

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Thank you for looking !      In this only 2 days, I will sell at Bargain price!   ($1300,USD---------> $1200,USD )

When I watched this EM-10 USD first, I was really surprised !!   This is not exaggerated story.
( What is this ?  This is New one !! )  As Evidence, when we buy Takahashi equatorial mount, always Controller BOX is wrapped (by a method),
1 pattern. Also, painting color looked a little thick.  ( Takahashi Equatorial mount color is a little different depending on it's rot.

Meeting this EM-10 USD, situation was in such feeling.
Unused one ,so there are no wounds, marks from touch up painted anywhere.  Only, FC-M tripod had a little slight scratch by transportation ( not by me.....)

Nevertheless, this EM-10 USD was made in 1997 year,so about 30 years long, why nobody used this EM-10 USD ?
I don't understand it, but anyway, Miracle happen ....   I think so now.

In case of unused Equatorial, means that if this EM-10USD had initial failure, it's point has been the same.
So, check, test, I have done carefully, 

As a result, This EM-10 USD equatorial mount has nothing problem.
Especially, condition of grease. I think it's confirmation is most important.
In case of EM-10 USD ( I know same model I sold in Japan ),  (RA,DEC,both of them) , rough motion part and slight shock are much different.
( separated), so I watched especially rotating feeling of warm gear in cluding grease used to there.

I wrote, ( Takahashi 's grease has been excellent since 1970s) before, It's right exactly like that .  

Warm gear 's rotating is, lighter is better. Because if warm gear's rotating is stiff, Motor will be broken.  ( about it, later I will write).
About it's point , this EM-10 USD 's total conditions , like yesterday Takahashi making.

Maybe , among all Japanese, I have been buying  a lot of Takahashi Equatorial mounts , first.

EM-10 USD is like ' Sports Car '. it means that when I push each button of hand controller, response is very quick. ( at High speed mode)
( For visual, by only 'High speed mode'. Enough. need not to change to ( Normal mode).

Normal mode is for imaging. 
Takahashi 's Equatorial , response when I push is much different from each model.

A Equatorial mount's response has slow reaction.  Takahashi has been adopting Stepping motor from many years ago, but
Even if it is stepping motor model, there are slow ones when I operate.

From Catalog, EM-10 USD's highst speed is 50X to sideral time speed. However, actually I feel about 200X to sideral speed.
In other words, Catalog number and real are cleary much different.

EM-10 USD is no time lag equatorial mount.   Why I say , EM-10 USD is like sports car which can move very quickly.

I don't know exclusive ( very expensive) sports car ,so as famous small sports car, Like Mazda MX-5 Miata .
If I compare EM-10USD  to sports car, It's Mazda MX-5 Miata will be best.
Miata is a car when we press gas pedal, quickly react.

( Unfortunately, even if it is Takahashi equatorial mount, all equatorial mounts don't react without any time lag)

However, I think originally Takahashi didn't design.  it will only result.     This point is interesting.   
( For example, my EM-200 Temma 2 is quick,  EM-10 PC Temma Jr is slow )

Then, why such difference exist.   Recent my opinion ; i's motor used for RA,DEC.
( when I was young, I was electric enginner)
Stepping motor Takahashi has been adopting , consists of Coil, magnet, and gear BOX  ,
Now I am investigating about it.

Anyway, this EM-10 USD is highest Equatorial mount.
No GOTO function, but if someone need not GOTO fuction, I can recommend really.

< EM-11 Temma2Z unit will not be useful. If control unit can be got, warm gear's figure is much different. Recently such queation ,a lot >

Also, EM-11Temma2Z's reaction , I don't know if it is quick ,or not .

I think this EM-10 doesn't hope such remodel.

EM-10 USD spec; ( From Manual)

1, Power supply ; DC12V only ( center positive)
2, Loading capacity ;  7kg ------------------> actually, 9kg OK 
3, Altitude adjustment;   26degree ~ 51 degree

4, High speed ---50X  ( I feel 200X)

5,power consumption ; 2.5A at DC12V, in high speed operation


1, EM-10 USD body ----------------- everything in perfect
2, 3.7kg weight ------------------------unused 

3, Controller ---------------------------- everything in perfect 
4, FC-M tripod ------------------------by transportation, has a little slight scratch
Selling contents;

1, EM-10 USD ( S/N; 97082)
2, Contololler
3, 3.7kg weight X1

4, AC100~240V ------------> DC12V power supply (New one

5, DC-DC cable ( EM-10 USD original accessory)
6, Takahashi Japan original manual (in Japanese) ---- real one

7, EM-10 USD Manual I printed out in English

8, all bolts , tools 
9,  Vixen SX OTA Holder --- (New one)
1 year gurantee ,except AC-DC power supply

My asking price ; $1200,USD +UPS fee + PayPal fee (5%)                       In case of Banking transfer, PayPal fee is not needed.

    Shipping BOX size ; 160cm

1, To the USA ------------------------------------------ $217,USD
2, to Europe; ------------------------------------------- $253,USD

Such good condition Takahashi small equatorial will be first and final.

By all means this like sports car Equatorial, I recommend to members who doesn't need GOTO function.

Please consider

Thank you for reading !