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An exciting new line of SkyShed POD observatory models! Including an all new manual/motorized/ASCOM/remote model - SkyShed POD-S

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*Please note. PLease don't cantact us thru Astromart. We do not monitor AM IM's on a reguar basis. Instead, contact us using the contact form on the SkyShed POD-S website, or email . Thx!

Hi everyone!

For SkyShed Observatories 20th Anniversary we've developed an exciting new line of SkyShed POD observatory models and variations! Including an all new manual / motorized / ASCOM / remote control model - SkyShed POD-S!

POD-S is an 8 Foot Diameter Slotted Dome, which can be motorized with our new "industrial strength" ASCOM control system for motorized / remote operation. It's Plug-and-Play! Or if you so choose, operate manually by-hand if you're inside your POD-S.

There's a complete motorized / remote operation upgrade path for existing SkyShed POD owners as well!

There are so many great features for astronomers and imaging, that they are too numerous to list here. Please visit the SkyShed POD-S website to learn about them more in depth. 

We've created an extensive SkyShed POD-S website with a lot of information, and answers to most of your questions about the new models. Please visit the site to learn a lot more.

We'll be rolling out all of the models and variations during 2023. Tip to Astronomers - Get your name in the line ASAP! Looks like production spaces for '23 are going to fill up very quickly.

Can you tell we're excited about these new PODs? You will be too once you experience them. ;)

Wayne Parker