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Own the World's Most Popular Ob - SkyShed POD!

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SkyShed POD is the most popular observatory of all time. Proudly manufactured in North America, loved in over 25 countries by new astronomers to award winning astro photographers, educators, scientists and researchers. View hundreds of PODs in the POD website Raw Galleries.

Winner of the Astronomy Magazine 2019 Readers Choice Award for "Favorite Dome"!

Why a Clamshell design and not a slot opening? Simple, to see the sky! In a POD this size with a thin slot, you would feel like you're sitting in closet with a small window. Not fun. POD provides a wide-vista-view. You feel like your under the stars while still being sheltered.

Keep it Simple Smarty! (KISS)

For occasionally blocking out some sky, we provide the optional POD Visor, which allows you to go from the clamshell wide opening to a 36" wide slot in just seconds.

Why are PODs so beloved by their owners? It's because of features like these:

Built like a tank/Long lasting.

Quickly assemble POD from 10 fitted panels to allow for short term mobile, or long term stationary installation. Take your POD with you if you move house.

Huge viewing window. PODs patented design provides you with a horizon to horizon, 360 degree rotatable view, at the same time!

360 Degree Rotation. View in any direction. Track objects for hours with no need to move the dome. Need the ultimate in zenith access? Check out the PZT.

Standard POD is just under 8' in diameter by 8' in height and will accommodate the latest popular SCT and GE telescopes, up to 14", including 14" CGE and 14" RCX. Plus small to medium sized refractors, even Dobsonians.

Available in your choice of many colors

No need to paint. POD will retain it's color for many years.

Install POD on the ground, on a deck, or any flat surface.

Optional POD Bays provide additional space for laptops, equipment, LCD screens, charts, storage, etc. The Bays extend to the ground, meaning you can put much more weight in them than a cubby which sticks out through the mid wall.

Already own an observatory? POD makes a great addition to your line up. Can you take your current ob with you to the cottage or favorite star party?

Operates in Extreme Temps POD can operate in temperatures far above and below the temps your equipment can operate in.

Stainless steel and rust resistant hardware used throughout.

Ecomate Insulated Wall We perfected a method of filling the POD walls with hardened foam insulation. Not only does this make the already strong walls incredibly strong, it cuts out IR waves, UV waves, and light. The thick insulation helps keep outside hot and cold temps on the outside in extreme environments. 

In addition, since we can''t insulate the POD Bay, we add 15 lbs of more HDPE to create a "Heavy" Bay at 50 lbs when you choose the Insulation and Heavy Bay option. This makes the already strong Bay even stronger, helps keep IR waves out, and aids in cooling in hot temps.

Excellent Wind and Dew Protection POD owners report much greater than expected wind and dew protection, while still having access to a huge sky view. POD's dome and Bays provide excellent protection for you and your equipment.

Flow through ventilation. Air transfer located below the dome for maximum weather protection.

"Redneck" Wind tested To make sure POD can withstand high wind speeds we conducted wind tests with POD mounted on a flat bed trailer. POD passed the tests with flying colors. Watch the test video on YouTube and the POD website.

Secure your equipment with PODs locking door and dome. In addition POD has 12 internal anchor points around the wall base to deter theft and keep POD anchored even in extreme conditions.

Assembly DVD POD mold maker Alain Roy shows you how to easily assemble POD in little time with just a few basic tools.

Price Vs. Quality In price vs. quality comparisons, POD outperforms competing products, even some much higher priced ones, by a country mile! Internet photos can not portray the huge difference in quality between POD and competing plastic products.

The most frequent comments from new POD owners are, "The quality is much higher than I expected", "POD is much larger than I expected", and "POD is a lot stronger than I expected." What we hear most is "I Love My POD!"

The POD Team Difference! Before and after delivery you have unprecedented access to the team who developed POD, the people who make your POD, and direct contact with the people who ship your POD. Questions or concerns are normally responded to within minutes if not hours, often by multiple members of the team. Unprecedented!

POD "Raw" Owner Galleries Thanks to POD owners for allowing us to share hundreds of their photos with you on the POD website "Raw Galleries" pages. A lot of the photos have to do with assembling or equipping your POD, so new owners may find them helpful. Updated regularly.

POD Zenith Table. For those who want easier zenith access with some scopes. How about slewing through zenith from horizon to horizon, and not having to move the dome all night? As without the PZT, you need no motors, no chains, no need to interface the dome and scope. No problems. Way more time for imaging. Longer duration zenith images.

Dome storm/sun cover that provides added protection from acid rain/snow/ice, heat, UV, IR, dirt and sand. POD's low profile makes it quick and easy to use. Your dome stays in "like new" condition beneath the industrial vinyl cover.

POD Now Available in more Countries than Ever We're very happy to announce that POD is now available in more countries than ever. In addition to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, POD ships to Great Britain, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong.

Join the POD discussion group to get real testimonials and answers from hundreds of real POD owners around the world, direct access to designers, and the latest news directly from the POD factory.

Here's what experienced POD owners and esteemed astro educators are saying about POD and the latest enhancements;

I absolutely love it; it is all that Wayne promised and so much more; I am proud to be the only person in a 500km radius with his own full-time observatory. I am going to name my next cat "Wayne Parker" ... Andrew

As is not the case with a lot of other manufacturers out there, Wayne and his group have paid close attention to our experiences and suggestions for POD. Thanks to Wayne, his associates, and the entire user group for making POD the best low cost solution for every amateur astronomers dream, an observatory. Dr. Mike.

POD Prices start at only $2,895. Dome only at $1,895. Please visit the SkyShed POD website for a lot more information and a features list that impresses the most serious astronomers around.

At SkyShed Observatories we put the fun back in astronomy -- Serious Fun