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Vintage 1953 Goto Nippon Kogaku 60mm EQ Refractor

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If you are reviewing this ad years down the road, be sure to check out cloudynights for a complete description of everything including that spectroscope looking thing. Actually, it is a solar projector and an image erection system. The title of the post over there is 1953 Goto 60mm f15 with Unusual Mount and Acc.

Vintage 1953 Goto Optical 60mm f15 Equatorial Refractor.

The chances are you have never seen one of these. If you have, it was not this complete. This telescope is as rare as they come. As you can see, there are 2 counterweights. The equatorial design of this telescope is such that there is no counterweight shaft through the axis. Instead, the counterweights are offset from the mount itself in an exoskeletal type design. I find it hard to use, but cool to look at! The mount has slow motion Declination and RA. The RA is worm and gear. The Declination is a tangent system. The latitude is adjusted along the silver aluminum Goto Kogaku dome. The system is set by a series of adjustable levers and bolts underneath the tripod hub. The nice part? This mount is also a great Alt/Az mount. The mount is made of solid brass and although it has a few paint chips, it still looks great. A 10mm locking bolt for the RA is missing and a 6mm bolt for the Dec lock is not original.

The tripod is a very sturdy solid wood tripod. It is in very good condition except of course for the black feet. The tripod spreader is an interesting hanger system. The wire rods you see in the picture latch on to each section of the tripod creating a very stable system. The bubble level still works fine. The original leather strap is still in good condition.

The telescope itself is in fine condition for being over 50 years old. The lens was made by Nippon Kogaku, now Nikon. The design and style of the lens was distinctly after Zeiss. As a matter of fact, the owner of Nippon Kogaku was a student of Carl Zeiss. The lens is fully adjustable. It does have small spot of mold as seen in the picture. The tube is original paint and just has a few nicks in the paint.

The finderscope is the best 5x24mm finderscope you will ever use. It has crosshairs and a helical focusing system. The focuser is a very smooth rack and pinion system. It has a single knob that has a very very slight wobble in the shaft. The output is .965 no-mar clamping style. As you can see in the pictures, I am also including an Original threaded 1.25 ocular holder.

The following is also included:

.965 Goto Kogaku HM25mm Eyepiece
.965 Goto Kogaku T30-AH40mm Eyepiece
.965 Goto Kogaku Sun Filter (best one I have ever seen, but probably still for collectors only)
.965 Goto Kogaku Diagonal
1.25 thread on adapter
1.25 Goodwin Barlow
Some type of Goto Prism Spectroscope-Lots of lenses and no idea how it works.

Solid wood case for everything!

Shipping is going to be $125 flat for ConUS. Why? I am going to use a ton of bubble wrap. None of those ridiculous peanuts. I will need to buy boxes. The item will be oversize, Cat3, and weigh quite a lot.

Thanks for looking!


PS, please send me a note through the Astromart messaging system if you reply to the ad. I will then know to go check my work email.