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Comet Neowise with the Needle Galaxy: July 31, 2020

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Are you ready for the transit of Mercury? It will not wait for you! I have a bunch of filters for scopes that I no longer have or use. The transit is coming on Veterans Day so many of us will be able to view it. These filters are just what you need.

These are all solar filters for visual use.

Numbered from left to right. Top 4 than bottom 3.

  1. Orion glass filter 74.6mm $30    SOLD
  2. Orion glass filter 4 inch $30        SOLD
  3. Kendrick Baader film 6004-B 107-117mm $30
  4. Orion glass filter 4.75 inch $30
  5. Thousand Oaks type 2+ 6.25 inches $40   SOLD
  6. Kendrick black solar 200mm $50
  7. Thousand Oaks type 2+ 234mm $55