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Lunt LS130THa solar telescope - be the FIRST - Discounts apply - No Cali Tax

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Featuring Best in Class Resolution and Professional Grade Optics Configuration

  • > 9mm Image Size
  • >.65a Bandpass (Single Stack)
  • >.45a Bandpass (Double Stack)
  • Use with: CaK and White Light Filters
  • 910mm Focal Length
  • 34” Overall Length
  • Current Lead Time: 3-4 months


All Lunt LS130THa solar telescopes require a blocking filter for Day use.

Which blocking filter is right for you?

  • B1200 – for visual use
  • B1800 – for larger field of view and imaging applications
  • B3400 – for larger field of view and imaging applications with larger sensors

The B1200 and B1800 Diagonals can be ordered in standard (diagonal) or straight-thru. If you don’t designate which type you want in the notes field of check out, the default order will be for standard

The Lunt Solar Systems LS130THa is our first 100% Modular Designed, truly

convertible telescope and is sure to impress astronomy beginners and expert viewers

and imagers alike.

This newly designed triplet refractor allows the user to experience a complete travelling

telescope, certain to fit all your astronomical viewing needs with its easily convertible

modular design system - allowing you to experience not only day time viewing, but

explore the night skies as well!

LS130THa can be ordered with: B1200 for visual use,
B1800 for visual and imaging

B3400 for imaging (B3400 installed in FeatherTouch focuser)

The LS130THa is sure to delight with its increased resolution over smaller aperture

telescopes, allowing for the viewer to delve into the fine details and surface phenomena

of our ever changing Sun with its tried and true doppler tuning system. With its 130mm

aperture allowing for higher magnification due to its increased resolution, the fine

intricacies of the Sun will spring to life in your eyepiece or on your screen.

This convertible Module System is unlike any other - allowing for the end user to switch between

configurations with ease! With a few twists of a screw, you can go from basking in the Sun’s

surface views to viewing distant objects in the night sky. The Lunt Solar Systems LS130THa will

give you the ability to take your telescope from Hydrogen Alpha, to Calcium K, to White Light, or

standard night time viewing, simply and easily. Choose the accessories to match your

requirements (with current options ranging from Calcium K to White Light), and interchange as

directed into your OTA, you are ready to view!

LS130WL/BP&F –White light module with backing plate (left)

LS130TCaK/B1200 - CaK module for LS130 with backing plate (right)

BP&F – backing plate and focuser for nighttime use. (shown in both photos)

Not only will you be able to enjoy the quality solar views you come to expect from any Lunt

Solar Systems Telescope, the base Triplet Apochromat allows for fantastic night time use with

virtually no chromatic aberration.

Whether it’s day or night, the Lunt Solar Systems LS130THa telescope has you covered!