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Zuka Scope

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A Zuka Scope is a unique spotting scope that is based on a 4" reflector. It is held like a bazooka hence the name, and uses a diagonal to rectify the image. By holding the scope on your shoulder it's quite easy to hold it steady at 20x. I've also used it at 47x pretty well. It gives a really bright clear image. There is a coated optical window on the front that keeps the inside dry and clean and also holds the secondary mirror. Both the primary and seconday mirrors are aluminized, overcoated, and figured to 1/8 wave. The focuser is a rubber roller type and is made of plastic and can be a little bit jerky in movement. Some lubrication may help with that. A 25mm Kellner eyepiece is supplied for 20x (Orion MC Japan). In bright conditions a slight secondary shadow can be noticable if your eye is too far away from the eyepiece, but getting closer helps. I find a plossl eyepiece works better. The optics are in excellent condition, but there are a few very small spots in the coating of the optical window (The spots the photo are dust spots). The primary mirror is excellent. The main tube and end caps are ABS plastic and the whole thing weighs 4 1/2 lbs. The primary mirror is easy to collimate. There is a sleeve that goes around the main tube with a 1/4" threaded insert for mounting on a camera tripod. The original instruction manual is included. This particular Zuka Scope was made in 1992 before he started to use Russian optics. These were designed and made here in Olympia, WA. Let me know if you have any further questions and I'll try to answer them. I accept bank cashiers checks and money orders, no personal checks, thanks.