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AG Optical Systems 12.5" F3.9 quartz iHW astrograph

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Clearing out some inventory......

AG Optical Systems is completing a production run of 12.5" F3.9 Imaging Harmer Wynne telescopes. The 12.5" iHW has a blazing fast F3.9 design with optical grade fused quartz optics hand figured by master optician Mike Lockwood. Mike Lockwood has a well-deserved reputation for figuring world class optics for small, medium, and large telescopes used by advanced amateur, industrial, and professional customers around the world.

Here are the details:

- 12.5" F3.9 fused quartz optics figured by master optician Mike Lockwood
- 96% enhanced aluminum coatings
- compact, carbon fiber truss tube
- integral, three element corrector providing coma free, astigmatism free flat field performance over a 50mm image circle
- optional piggy back dovetail plate
- robust, digital Optec Gemini rotating focuser option
- optional Thermal Control System for PC-based, automated control of primary mirror cooling and anti-dew control
- heavy duty mount dovetail plate
- 5.4" of available back focus with optional Gemini focuser installed

Normally $15,375 + crating/shipping, Sale price $11,000 + crating shipping

Please contact AG Optical Systems to learn more.


Dave Tandy
AG Optical Systems